Seattle, the perfect Airbnb Family Experience

Airbnb takes a special approach to lodging. With the right research, you can find a home and explore the destination like a local, which is a priceless offering compared to living at a hotel. All these years, we’ve been wanting to try it out and the perfect opportunity came last week in Seattle.

Our close friends in Washington rented a home in Bainbridge Island. It’s a small city that’s a short ferry ride across Seattle that has beautiful Evergreen views of the state. Or if you have a Tesla Model X, apparently you can drive it across? 😉

Model X, engage HOVER mode!

Destination, Bainbridge Island!

For reference, we rented this house for the weekend.

With the whole house, private beach, and acre of land all to ourselves, our families and friends comfortably….

Eat like a local

Drink like a local

Sleep like a local

Explore like a local 🙂

Overall, Airbnb can serve as a perfect opportunity for large families and friends to spend local quality time together. After all, travel experiences are not just about the destination… it’s the company that makes it extra special

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