Monarch Beach Resort

Hello!!!!! Today, let’s talk more about Orange County. Ever since 2010, one of our favorite local getaways was the award-winning resort: the St. Regis, Dana Point. Located off Pacific Coast Highway, this property was our beloved “home away from home”. As a matter of fact, this hotel was famous for celebrities hosting their lavish events for T.V.

A notable one is Miki’s favorite (sigh. don’t ask me why) reality show of all time: The Bachelor


bachelor cover
images courtesy of ABC’s The Bachelor


As of 2016, this Forbes five-star hotel is unfortunately re-branded to Monarch Beach Resort. That means, this property is no longer part of the SPG program, which consequently makes this place no longer a St. Regis. Let us… have a moment of silence for another awesome property leaving the Starwood brand.


RIP Stone
In memory of the St. Regis: 2001-2016


It’s ok! Don’t be sad that it’s over… let’s be glad that we got the chance to experience a taste of this hotel. Today, we shall share our story and reflect the moments of what was the St. Regis and what the hotel is now – The Monarch Beach Resort.


concierge / check-in lobby


Without traveling a million miles away from home, O.C. locals can stay here and feel like they are on vacation. To no surprise, customer service from valet to check-in is impeccable. Each room has a dedicated butler, which comes with complimentary shoe shine and ironing (up to 2 clothing articles) services.


Guest bathroom / living room


Their rooms tends to be generously oversized. The guest bathroom even has it own showers, which is rare for hotel rooms! For large parties, the sofa can additionally be converted to a queen sized sofa-bed. If fortunate enough, we typically like to stay in the exterior suites that faces the golf course and ocean.


balcony view


The master bedroom features the classic his/her sink with shower & bathtub. Everything here is quietly elegant with an understated style.


Master bathroom / bedroom


On Father’s Day 2011, we went a little crazy with pictures. Here’s three out of the million pictures we took that day.

room balcony + terrace


For those that knows Paul, he is not good at golf. Actually, that is an understatement — Paul is horrendously awful at golf. Nevertheless, the Monarch Beach Golf Club has beautiful views of the Pacific. So one time, Paul and his homie couldn’t pass up swinging some clubs at this magnificent 18-hole course. On Hole 3 – Par 4, you are literally hugging the coast.


Monarch Beach Golf Club


The gym at the Athletic Club is complimentary and open 24/7. Avoid the spa though, it is exuberantly overpriced.




A little unknown fun fact about this resort is that they are partnered with Monarch’s Beach Tennis Club. Thus, if anyone wants to play tennis, all hotel guests can rent tennis equipments & take their complimentary house cars to the club.


Monarch Beach Tennis Club


To me, this place will always be a St. Regis. Nevertheless, since this hotel has won so many awards since its inception, they decided it be more lucrative to be an independent hotel without the Starwood brand.

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, 2016 marks the new chapter of what it is now The Monarch Beach Resort. Will we stay here without a loyalty program? Probably no. Nevertheless, we thank you for the memories and experiences of this awesome hotel.

Fly butterfly. Fly!


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