Today is my 1st Birthday!

Hi guys! I’m Chloe and I am one years old today! Most of you guys don’t understand my language yet. To the untrained ears, you guys mainly hear “pa pa ma ma blah blah and ahHhhhh!!!!” It’s ok, just for today, I’ll translate my screams into English for you and share my top five First Class Airlines this year!


5. Korean Air A380 First Class


Ok, can we talk about how ridiculous I look on this flight?




Sorry mommy and daddy, I decided not to behave. Oh well, that’s what you get for dressing me like Minnie Mouse on a First Class flight!



4. Thai Airways A380 First Class


I really loved this flight. I’m a simple baby. I just like to sleep on mommy.





and daddy 🙂





3. Cathay Pacific First Class


Mommy and Daddy says this review is coming soon! Apparently, infant fares on First Class for this airline is super expensive, but I told them “I’m Chloe! So duh, I’m worth it”


It was the first time mommy and daddy bought a plane ticket at LAX airport…






For babies reading this, Chai Bear will tell you soon in how to get this infant seat by swiping your parent’s travel credit cards!






2. Singapore Airlines A380 New Suite Class


Was I even flying on this flight? I felt like I was at home sleeping the whole time.





I like their teddy bears a lot.





1. ANA (All Nippon Airways) First Class


This was the best one because it was my first!



My first flight with mommy and daddy to Asia ❤






Wow I’ve been everywhere this year! It’s so fun to travel with mommy and daddy in seeing the world. Where am I going next? Can I be in First Class again?


Hm, wait I’m hungry. Milk? Milk?


Ok, I’m going to drink milk now.


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