AMEX Centurion Lounge Hong Kong

If you’re a fan of the AMEX Platinum Cards, this lounge is definitely the cherry on top. Currently, Hong Kong is the only location in the world that is Centurion branded located outside of United States.


centurion locations
The only Centurion Lounge that is located outside of U.S.



Since its opening, I’ve been itching to check it out. Hence, even though we had access to all the amazing Cathay Pacific lounges, we specifically reserved a little time just to check out this AMEX international location.



Because daddy is curious and wants to check it out…



This lounge is located near Gates 60 on the upper level. Any business or personal Platinum/Centurion cardholders have access to this lounge.



upper level above Gate 60s



You immediately get a sense of a different vibe here. Maybe its because of its culture, the service definitely feels more personable than other Centurion lounges.


Chloe approves and smiles


Chloe, “I like you guys!”



The entrance to the main area is a long hallway along the upper level. On your right, there are office areas for communal working while on the left, it’s a sky view of Terminal 1.



nice open feel helps you relax esp. when you’re not traveling light…



Unfortunately like many Centurion lounges, the place can get quite crowded, but at least there are some spaces (the bar in this case) for us to lounge in.


maybe this was peak time?



Paul checks out the cocktail menu and finds it amusing that the drinking age is much lower here. Chloe still not old enough though… 😛



only 18!



We drank a lot already at Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class lounge, so we opt to just have a cappuccino at the bar. The bartender, who’s also a master barista happily enjoyed our company.


friendly bartender



It’s probably one of the best cappuccinos we ever had at an airport lounge.



best cappuccino ever at an airport lounge



Overall, this Centurion Lounge hits it out of the park. Even though Cathay Pacific lounges are technically better choices, this is a great alternative for places to visit if you happen to not be flying Business or First on its airline medal.



Honestly, this is probably the best Centurion lounge in the world. Ironically, it’s outside the U.S. Am I surprised though? Not really, because this transformative city is great destination to visit regardless of its current tumultuous state. Hopefully the vibe never changes…



meter image_ANA

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