Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich Germany

There are only a handful of instances where I see airlines directly escort you from the plane. Up until this moment, I always thought it was only in Asia.


Notably, my first time was in BKK with Thai Airways First Class


hands down, the best arrival service in the world..



My second time was in HKG with Cathay Pacific First Class


Cathay Pacific First Class



Well, I like to report that I was thankfully wrong!


Coming off a delayed flight from Zurich, I was delighted to see a dedicated escort waiting for me in Munich planeside to take me and one other passenger directly to Lufthansa First Class lounge.


Chai Bear approve!



Since it’s just two of us, I was surprised that Lufthansa didn’t use its Porsche Panamera fleet and used the Mercedes van instead for this escort ride.


Even so, I loved every second of it. 


planeside escort service



This view from the tarmac never gets old.


amazing tarmac views


Lufthansa First Class Munich entrance



Since my flight was delayed, I actually didn’t have much time at this lounge. Thus, I made a beeline for the shower suites to say hi to Lufthansa’s collectible First Class rubber duckies!


It’s available for all First Class passengers when they request a shower at the lounge.


in Munich, it’s a baby rubber ducky!



It certainly makes showering / hot tubbing more fun.


shower suite



Afterwards, I asked if I can have another ducky for little Chloe back home. The shower attendant kindly obliged.



Yeah totally, it’s selflessly for Chloe. 


Lufthansa decor



After achieving my main goal, I slowly stroll through the hallways of this spacious lounge and took a peek at its a la carte restaurant. If I had an extra hour, I would’ve dined  & reviewed the food here but unfortunately didn’t have the time.





impressive bakery spread




Instead, I opt to have an espresso at the bar and the barista presented it with a towel, which was a nice touch.







Overall, this was a short, but pleasurable visit in Munich. The escort and service made the experience seamless and it felt as if the airline is catering to your every needs the moment you get off the plane.


Though Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt Germany is in a whole other league of its own, this lounge delivers and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit here again.


Hopefully in a Porsche Panamera to an Oktoberfest rubber ducky next time? 😉 


Meter - W Barcelona3

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