Singapore New First Class

This is a big year for Paul’s parents. It’s their 35-year wedding anniversary! Celebrating almost three decades of a happy marriage together, we decided to help them experience one of our most favorite airlines in the world!  *cue drum roll… cue fanfare… cue departure*


It’s no surprise that my bear buddies adores Singapore Airlines. As a matter of fact, last year I invited the whole crew (Chou Bear & Baby Chou Bear) to the skies… floating villas in the one & only Singapore Suite Class.


April 2015



Ever since then, Baby Chou Bear misses the Singapore bear family! After all, Chou Bear had his adventures in London. What about him?! Alas, it’s finally Baby Chou Bear’s turn! High rollin in style, he’s going to Japan in the next generation of the 777-300ERs – Singapore Airlines New First Class!




Baby Chou Bear reunited with Singapore Airlines!




Prior to boarding, in addition to LAX Star Alliance Lounge, First Class passengers gets a little enclave of relaxation with complimentary fine dining. If your flight is boarding soon though, you can simply just recline in one of their Herman Miller lounge chairs.



LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge



Of all the airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines New First Class is the most private since it only allows four passengers per plane. To put into perspective, Emirates First Class has fourteenEtihad First Apartment has nine, and Cathay Pacific First Class has six. Thus, when you select your seats upon booking, you only have the first row to choose from!



1A, 1C, 1D, 1F: the most intimate cabin in the sky




With 1A taken, there are only three seats left! This is perfect. Since he is an unaccompanied minor, Baby Chou Bear obviously needs a perfect chaperone for Japan – Paul’s parents 😉 [everyone, meet Dr. & Mrs. Chai!]




Singapore Airlines New First Class




Welcome aboard. It still boggles my mind how exclusive this cabin is. With only four First Class passengers max per cabin, the staff to passenger ratio can potentially outnumber the guests by 3 to 1. Ironically, it’s almost too private since you get so much attention!

Never to fear, your Dom Pérignon and/or Krug will never be empty! (too bad Baby Chou Bear is underaged… at least he gets to eat a nice meal!)



tough choices… Dom or Krug… why not both!


Japanese Bento & Lobster Dinner




For the grand finale, just like Miki’s Cathay Pacific First Class, Singapore Airlines surprises them with a sweet cake! On top of that, Baby Chou Bear is finally reunited with his favorite buddies.






To no surprise, Singapore Airlines overall delivers an unforgettable experience that very few airlines has to offer. To be honest, I can fly around the world for days and still not be tired in this cabin.

I love how this airline transports you to a stratospheric level of comfort and luxury. Seriously, just look at the pajamas and amenity kits!


Salvatore Ferragamo amenities & pajamas



Lastly, one of the most rewarding part of this hobby is to see your loved ones also enjoying it. It’s priceless moments like these that makes you realize that travel is always better with the right company.

Life is entertaining with awesome friends. Life is richer with a loving family. And life is complete with your amazing co-pilot 😉


Meter - W Taipei3


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