I’m on the Ellen Show! My 12 days of Giveaways Experience

Today, we have a very special guest! Everyone, meet Chloe’s favorite aunt…Vicky! Christmas started especially early for her this year and she wanted to share her holiday travel spirits with all of you guys. She basically won the lottery (or at least it felt like she did!)


It’s a normal Friday workday and I’m just counting down the hours until the weekend.

*phone vibrates*

*unknown number from Burbank, California* 




Ugh…here it goes again…those weekly spam calls. I reject the call immediately and go back to work, not giving it a second thought. A couple of minutes later, I check my phone and noticed that the same number left me a voicemail. Rolling my eyes, I listen to the voicemail:


Hi, this is Christine (name changed for privacy purposes) from the Ellen DeGeneres Show! I am calling for Victoria about a ticket request. Please call me back.


I jumped out of my chair. Ran outside the office.




And immediately called her back. 


I’m going to the last day of ELLEN’S 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! THE LAST DAY! THE FINAL DAY! I literally screamed up and down for joy and couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I never win anything….. let alone win anything THIS BIG!


12 days of giveaways
I’m on Ellen’s Christmas Special’s final day… FINAL DAY


For anyone who doesn’t know what ELLEN’S 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS is, it’s when Ellen gives gifts that’s worth thousands of dollars to each and every one of her audience members. When I mean thousands, I mean seriously $$$$ thousands. Examples of her giveaways are: $250 Nordstrom gift card, iPhones, $500 Southwest ticket flights, amazing getaway packages, and the list goes on and on. And you get not just one of those things listed… BUT ALL OF THEM!


(fast-forward to Monday… it’s SHOWTIME!)


Photo Dec 10, 4 09 04 PM
I’m on the Ellen Show!



Right when I walked into the Warner Bros. garage, I could tell that everyone there was just as excited as I was! Oh my god, someone pinch me please. We walked through security and a check-in line to receive a card with a number on it.



Photo Dec 10, 5 54 32 PM
#195 at Warner Brothers Studio



There’s a nice guy on staff that came up to a few of us and asked us some questions:

  1. “How long have you been watching Ellen?” 
  2. “What’s your favorite part of the Ellen Show?” 
  3. “Where are you from?” etc. etc. 


After asking a few girls some questions, he asked me where I was from and wrote down my number on his notepad. He then told me to go back to the studio garage. Aww shucks, I figure I wasn’t the chosen one but it’s okay, because I’m on Ellen!




An hour later, one of the staff members started calling out numbers individually. She said we should listen carefully. She went through 30 or so numbers and then I suddenly heard mine… 195!”


I lined up with the other girls and we all stood there anxiously waiting to see what was happening next. After a few more numbers….


Ok, you girls in line. You guys will be in our show’s focus group.


“FOCUS WHAT? What did she say?” “Did she just say Focus Group?” “What does that mean?!”


We followed her into the studio across the street, where we walked through a hallway of pictures of all the famous people Ellen has interviewed on her show. The hallway led into the Ellen Shop where we saw a plethora of gifts against the wall. Ellen underwear, Ellen mug, basically Ellen everything.


Ellen’s gift shop



The shop was decorated beautifully with holiday feels all around. I felt like I was in Santa’s factory! While we waited patiently at the Ellen Shop, we heard Bastille practicing Happier in the background.


toys for charity!



Hours later, one of the staff members called out for the “FOCUS GROUP” to follow her. She led us upstairs and into the studio. OMG! AM I ONE OF THE FIRST ONES TO BE STEPPING IN HERE RIGHT NOW? NO WAY! Not only was I one of the first people to enter the studio, they placed me in the FRONT ROW. Not THIRD, NOT SECOND, BUT THE FIRST ROW!


can you find me? 😉



Literally, Ellen was standing a few feet away from me! The next unforgettable moment was when Ashton Kutcher rode out on the bird. And yes, he is definitely as cute and handsome as he looks on TV.


Ashton Kutcher within reaching distance of me!


He was actually the co-host of the day! The other guests of the day included Amy Adams, Bastille, Marshmello, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O’Hara.


Marshmello ❤ Bastille



After interviewing all of the guest of the day, the moment has come…the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAY portion of the show! WHAT COULD THE PRIZES BE?! Comet the reindeer comes out of the studio and danced along with his elves. I literally could not stop jumping up and down for joy and you can clearly see that in the videos that aired for that episode!



Photo Dec 11, 3 37 53 PM


I was one of those crazy girls you see on TV and laugh at. I am slightly embarrassed on how ridiculous I look but heck I’ll take my few seconds of fame! But seriously, how can you not be excited when you win this much stuff


  • $300 Amazon gift card

  • Onelink Safe & Sound Alarm

  • $250 Savage X Fenty Gift Card

  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

  • 1-Year Premium Subscription to Calm

  • 2 JetBlue Round-Trip Tickets to ANY destination it flies 

  • 6-Day, 5-Night Stay at Karisma Hotels & Resort (Jamaica, Dominican Republic, or Cancun)


$6000+ USD in value



So are we actually going to be getting all of these gifts today? There is no way… turns out yes! When the show ended, we slowly made our way out of the studio and a nice lady handed us a GIANT RED BAG.


Continuing out of the hallway, the staff members told us to keep our bags open. They dropped the gifts into my giant red bag. That moment felt surreal. It was like I was trick-or-treating or something, but instead of dropping candy into my bag, people were dropping in hundreds (& thousands) of dollars!



Karisma Hotels & Resorts



After 4 hours of this incredible journey, I am out of the studio. Time flew by way too fast! What an experience!


Thank you, Chai Bear, for letting me share my journey to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways!! That was my unforgettable once in a lifetime experience that I wanted to share with everyone! 2018 will definitely be one for the books and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store! I already know it’s going to be another unforgettable year! See you guys next time in JAMAICA!!!!


Meter - Singapore Airlines

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  1. It’s my dream to travel to the Ellen Show! How did you get chosen to be the special focus group?! Was it the way you answer his questions? Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see your Jamaica trip 👏


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