Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Japan Airlines flagship lounge is located in Narita Airport. If you happen to arrive early, this can be a nice option for you to check out before you depart on your First Class flight.


main entrance



As reflected in Japanese cultures, the receptionists here are ultra-polite and friendly.






Like most First Class lounges, it’s quite empty. The decor is definitely understated with ample room to relax.


empty lounge


lounge area




Similar to Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney, Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge in Hong Kong & Etihad First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi, we opt for a complimentary massage treatment in their spa.


Unfortunately, it’s only 10-minutes long, but still better than nothing…


deep tissue massage please, arigato!



After the massage, we figure it’s a good time to check out their dining area.



dining area



“Sumimasen…” the Japan Airlines staff apologetically bows, “our sushi bar is temporarily closed… so sorry.”


What?!?! Oh well, we’ll just settle for hot buffet foods…


food spread


drink spread




Oh well, I’m a bear with complicated simple needs. In the end, airplane watching by the windows will do just fine.


our airplane view



Hm, maybe my expectations were too high. Or maybe it was just an off day. Or mayyybe I compared it too strictly to other First Class lounges…. but overall, I was a little bit disappointed.

Other airlines have much better spas, food offerings, and accommodations with higher caliber. So personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit this lounge. That being said, if you happen to have an hour (or two) to spare… this can still be a good place to relax.

Don’t get me wrong, all these are First World problems… it’s still a bearable lounge!

After all, everyone here in the end still get to enjoy their AMAZING First Class flight.



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