Six Senses Yao Noi Thailand

Full disclosure & special thanks: This experience was sponsored by the generosity of Miki’s parents. I, Chai Bear, took no part in the redemption for this unforgettable family trip. 


I always feel like we as a society, never have enough time for anything. In fact, do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“Want to catch up this weekend?” / “Sorry, I’m busy”

“Why is this coffee taking so long?” / “It’s coming. Just couple more seconds” 

“Visiting parents next week?” / “Ah I can’t, have plans”


And I get it. It’s easy to get lost in the working rhythm of life. Every second matters. Time is never on your side.


But what if it was?





Welcome to Yao Noi. The island of your dreams. Where time is your companion… your friend, not your enemy. In fact, it even slows down…. and almost disappears.


Where is this remote paradise? I shall show you the route.


By Air: Bangkok to Phuket / By Boat: Phuket to Yao Noi



Since there are no airports in Yao Noi, the best option is to fly into its neighboring islands @ Phuket International Airport.

  1. Upon arrival, you hire a car to take you to a dock.
  2. From there, you board a boat and head east.
  3. After that, hire another car to take you into this remote island.


I know guys, just trust me. This arduous journey is worth it.



main entrance



Barely an hour has passed and time already tastes & feels different here.

The first sip of the welcome champagne

Trying a new Thai herbal drink…

Or even a nice refreshing towel…


Yes… I have time to do all of that. Thanks.


welcome amenities



I like to preface that this is no ordinary stay. Traveling with a family of 10+, we decide to make this a special trip in having adjoining multiple rooms suites villas all next to each other.


To give you a mind-numbing idea of how vast our land is, here’s an aerial view of our three private villas.

  1. The Beachfront Pool Villa (3000+ sq ft) 
  2. The Retreat (6000+ sq ft)
  3. Ocean Deluxe Pool Villa (3000+ sq ft)


DJI Mavic Pro



Yeah, my eyes couldn’t believe it either.





Combined, we have over 1.2+ interconnecting acres of…. 

  1. Four king sized bedroom suites 
  2. Three infinity pools 
  3. One living room 
  4. Plus two expansive gardens
  5. With private access to the beach
  6. And all with ocean panoramic views of Phang Nga Bay  


three adjoining villas main entrance
bedroom views



While I enjoy my view, I start to hear the family quarrel over which room they shall take.


There’s only one way to settle this.

Three siblings. Three way battle…. 

Here. we. go. 


Rock. Paper. Scissor!



Life is a game of luck. Who shall prevail.


champion round…. go!




Thanks Miki, because of your awesome rock paper scissor skills, this is my bathroom view for the week. In all fairness though, all the villas are created pretty much equal 😉


private hot tub view
indoor / outdoor rain shower



The Retreat’s duplex villa features a living room and an infinity pool, which is nice for everyone to communally spend time together in one place.

living room / sun deck



Imagine waking up like this.

private pool view




If you want a change in scenery, head to the resort’s Hilltop Reserve open to all hotel guests. Here, there are ample amount of complimentary amenities such as enjoying a nice massage before jumping into their signature infinity pool.

Hilltop Reserve complimentary massages



Perched on top of the resort, the views are stunning.


Wait. Let’s pause life. 


This moment is perfect. 






Even their food is perfect too… especially their breakfasts.

Something very special about this resort is that this property has its own organic chicken farm. Thus, guests daily are welcomed to visit the chickens to pick out the freshest eggs.

After that, you bring it to the chefs and they’ll cook out any style of eggs you want including my personal favorite…. Eggs Benedict.


Six Sense Yao Noi’s organic chicken farm



This takes the “farm-to-table” concept to a whole new level.





If you fancy, there are fine dining options too at night…






Of course, there are a wealth of activities you can do on the property such as an early morning yoga session set with a backdrop of lush greens.





Or some hiking trails & kayaking with the family…


cute baby not included



After all, it’s all about spending time together as one family.






As I get ready to depart from this resort, I look out one last time…





Time… do we ever have enough of it? Is it ever on our side?

Life flies by in a blink of a eye and sometimes we just need a moment to disconnect and enjoy our own company.

Overall, that’s what exactly Six Senses does…. disconnect and reprioritize what’s most important while spoiling us with nature’s beauty. For those interested, here’s a brief two minute video featurette of the trip.





In the end, it’s a time well spent with family.

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