Porsche Experience LA

Porsche and Paul – it’s a bittersweet love story. It’s early 1990s. Wow, Paul is in his childhood years! His grandma holds his hand & strolls him along Boston’s Charles River in a breezy Autumn morning. Naturally, into the famous campus of the prestigious Harvard University. 

“One day grandson, if you get into this school, I’ll buy you a Porsche” 

Ever since then, the idea of this unattainable luxury, beauty, & prestige resonated throughout his adolescent life. Sigh, but this isn’t a Disney story. Paul didn’t end up getting into Harvard… he attended UPenn instead.

“Ah well. Close enough G-ma!” 

Years later, he decides to purchase his first ever Porsche. A childhood dream come true. To no surprise, when Porsche Experience LA told us they are having a grand opening for all Porsche drivers to test out their new Autobahn, the answer is an obvious resounding YES!


Porsche Experience LA entrance


Upon entering, you just can’t help but smile. Whether you’re just observing one from the outside or sitting behind the wheel, Porsche always generate positive emotions. And the waiting room… is filled with a history of Porsches!


Waiting Area


A little bite before the drive! The 917 restaurant is highly recommended for people desiring a unique dining experience. In place of “people watching” at a typical restaurant, you watch Porsches drifting and speeding instead. Quite entertaining especially for car enthusiasts.


917 Restaurant & balcony view



The row of wine bottles is like a tease. Obviously, I can’t drink and drive! Let’s have a healthy roasted chicken kale caesar salad.


Healthy meal before my drive!



This restaurant gets the most creative check award. As you pay the bill, a limited edition model (that we actually get to keep after our tour!), cruises gently on top of our plate.




3:00pm. This is it. Time for our drive! There is no way Paul is going to speed and drift with his own Porsche. After all, the fastest car you drive tends to be a car that is not yours! Word of advice though, remember to buy their insurance! With over $60K-150K+ (USD) cars spinning out at insane turns and speeds, a peace of mind during this expensive experience is a must.


Paul w/ his instructor


What an adventure! No matter how empty the beaches are or how deserted the city is, there is no way you can push the car to its limits like you can on the Autobahn. With seven tracks to play from, it is not only thrilling, but also an educational experience. You learn to become one with your car. How to adapt to real-life situations and appreciate the Porsche drive that much more.


Seven Courses: 1) Handling Circuit;  2) Kick Plate;  3) Ice Hill;  4) Low Friction Circle;  5) Low Friction Handling;  6) Off Road;  7) The Accelerator


My personal favorite is the Kick Plate. Exclusive to the Los Angeles location (the only one in the world), this course has a special feature where a hydraulic plate automatically spins your car out as you drive.

You learn how to recover. Test your reaction time. Even if you mess up, it’s still a lot of fun spinning out!

It’s like Fast and the Furious. Except it’s for reals!


What 150K+ looks like!


The common saying goes, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. With Elon Musk & innovative millennials pushing for self-driving cars, we sometimes forget how exciting driving can actually be.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe even the cleverest machines lacks our sixth sense. Knowing when to push boundaries… knowing what a Porsche without limits can do.


California: Home Sweet Home


Like flying First Class, it is much more than just getting from Point A to Point B. The leather seats, the acoustic engine purr, and the ultra-responsive drive can all be your personal service to an one of a kind travel experience.

$ or $$$$, Porsche Experience LA reminds you to appreciate your cars. No matter how bad rush hour can be… take a deep breath… start your engines… and enjoy the ride to your next destination – wherever that may be.


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