Tomorrowland Belgium

Barely 24 hours have passed since I received an email reading “People of Tomorrow”. Wow, this is actually happening. After months of preparation, the time has come to celebrate life with people around the world. Welcome to the world’s biggest music festival: Tomorrowland in Belgium.


Tomorrowland 2017 (photo taken from top of ferris wheel)



For those not familiar, it is one of the most anticipated and notable music festivals in the world. In fact, admissions for this usually gets sold-out in minutes. 180,000+ attendance per weekend. People all over the world travel far & wide to Europe around this time just to have a chance to attend this event.



Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 2.43.27 PM
Boom, Belgium (near Brussels)



As we arrive to our Global Journey hotel in Sofitel Le Louise in Brussels (review coming soon), we get a welcome travel package in preparation for the weekend ahead.


Tomorrowland welcome package @ Sofitel Le Louise



This is it. We have… ARRIVED.


Tomorrowland Main Stage



I’m an utter stranger in this brand new place, yet everyone’s super happy to meet and talk with me. Old friends reunite. New friends celebrate life. It’s a wonderful community to be in. 


champagne champagne champagne



So this is Tomorrowland. Over 75+ countries (U.S.A., Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, UAE, India, Brazil, Germany, France, South Africa, just to name a few) descend in one of the most isolated loving European town called Boom… to celebrate life on this planet.


This place is truly a traveler’s paradise.


friendly people from around the world



There is noise, music, food, conversation, and laughter in every corner you roam.





There are an abundance of food in the festival. In fact, if you’re a VIP attendee, they even give out complimentary #nomnom for you throughout the weekend.





Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to meet music producers and artists from around the world.


up close and personal w/ Armin Van Buuren



I find the Main Stage one more time… I see all the flags and ask a young Belgian man how many countries you think is down there, and he replies with a smile,

“One. Today, we are all one country.” 


amazing vibes


I’ve never traveled so far, to a place I knew barely anything about, to spend such a short amount of time. All I know for sure is that it’s indeed a special destination.

Do I recommend this long journey? Absolutely yes. I mean, just look at the airport as we depart from Belgium.


Tomorrowland farewell event @ Brussels Airport


But don’t go to Tomorrowland for the music (which is amazing) or the food (#nomnom) or even for the wealth of talented artists lining up to play music for you all day long…

Go to Tomorrowland for the people. Especially today, the world is filled with hate, terror, and prejudice, but whatever the reason, it does not happen here.

It’s a parallel universe filled with better mannered and more respectful people. So travel here when you can, and meet the kind of people that we could be if we set our minds to it. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss.


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