The Savoy London

With United Kingdom’s recent untimely divorce with the European Union, history seems to be ever-changing. The good news? The London Bridge is not falling down. The bad news? The British Pound (GBP) sure is!

pound value


Fear not people, every cloud has a silver lining. This expensive city just got 15% cheaper overnight thanks to Brexit! For people wanting to visit this fabulous city, now is the time.

Since I’m such a generous bear, I invited Chou Bear, one of my homies, to visit one of London’s most historical timeless hotel – The Savoy London.


Special Guest Star: Chou Bear!


Located in the Strand by the Thames River, this hotel is centrally located in the heart of London. Pulling up into the valet area, a suited British gentleman with a top black hat opens the door and graciously greets, “Welcome to The Savoy”.


The Savoy: front entrance


Upon entering the hotel, you feel like you’re transported back to the 19th century. Everything in this hotel exudes “The Great Gatsby” vibe with a splash of the “Old World Charm”. It’s like the Plaza Hotel in New York on another level. With just a red hoodie and no pants, Chou Bear’s attire stood out like a sore thumb.


Check-in / Lounge area


Every guests here is escorted to their appointed rooms. In doing so, the room butler talks about the history and the famous guests of the hotel — Frank Sinatra, King Edward VII, President Truman, and Marilyn Monroe just to name a few all stayed here as guests since its inception in the 1890s.

savoy history2
Artist Harold Oakley: Savoy in 1904


The room is beautifully appointed, albeit rather small. At around 500 square foot, the room consists mainly of just the king size bed and the bathroom (roof showers and warm fluffy towel racks are always a plus too).


Chou Bear with his British bodyguards


With Chou Bear’s bodyguards, we were safe to roam around the city with ease. Iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Palaces, and Covent Garden were all walking distances from the hotel.


UK Parliament: Big Ben
london scenes
London Sceneries


After a long day exploring the city, you must try England’s most iconic Duchess traditions: Afternoon Tea. Warning: it is elegant, but EXPENSIVE! When a gentleman in another suit introduces himself and offers unlimited pastries/high teas in a fancy plate with champagne, you know $$$$ on the bill is coming.


Thames Foyer at The Savoy


With this afternoon tea costing more than $100 USD / person, we spent close to 3 hours sitting here trying to maximize that price value. After drinking probably a gallon of tea and consuming ten pounds of pastries, our stomachs finally surrendered. Luckily since we were staying at the hotel, the butler offered to send all the remaining pastries we didn’t finish to our room.


afternoon tea
$$$$ traditional afternoon tea w/ champagne


Suffice to say, this hotel is a beautiful landmark property. If you are interested in immersing yourself with history, this hotel is perfect for you in London.

Is it worth the value? No. Is it worth the one-time experience? Absolutely yes.

Cheerio London. May the Brexit force be with you in the years to come.


P.S. Pardon Chou Bear’s newbie nature, it’s his very first room review. My protégé needs to start somewhere!


Meter - The Savoy2


  1. Hi Chou Bear,
    Where were you born? You look like me. I was born at Build a Bear Buffalo in 2006. We look alike. Maybe we are related. I like your reviews.

    -Serenity Bear


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