St. Regis Osaka

There is so much more to Japan than Tokyo. With only a limited amount of days in a trip, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to maximize our experience in a city.

Situated in the heart of Dontonbori district (think Time Squares except with a LOT better food), the St. Regis Osaka manages your high expectations & delivers with grace, style, and comfort.




On average, a traveling tourist may walk up to 10 miles per day in Japan! If you don’t believe me, just wear your Fitbit/Apple Watch. This is because the most productive way to get from Point A to Point B is by train. How do you get to the train station? Walking. How do you connect a train line to another? Walking. How do you get to that temple or restaurant? Walking.

Thus, it’s always nice when you can come to your “home away from home” after the end of an exhausting day. Welcome to the Sakura Suite.


Living Room


Just like the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, this suite is ridiculously spacious. Spanning over 1000 square feet, there is so much room (especially by Japanese standards) to relax! As a matter of fact, Paul accidentally passed out one of the nights on the sofa since he was so tired to get to the bedroom.




One of the best features of this suite are their showers. They have not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE shower heads per room. It feels like a standing jacuzzi shooting out water in all directions.


Master Bathroom




Everyday, your shoes (boots, sneakers, heels, etc.) will be dirty from all the miles & miles of walking. Thankfully, this hotel offers complimentary daily shoe shine service upon request.

Even more crazy, there’s even a small private room in the suite by the entrance JUST for your shoes! This way, your butler doesn’t have to disturb you when its done. So technically, this suite has two entrances – one for you, the other for your VIP footwear.


shoe(s) entrance in Sakura Suite



In the morning, the butler greets you with a Wagashi welcome – a traditional tea ceremony that helps you start your long day.

Also, unlike other hotels in the St. Regis family, this hotel allows you to have $30 USD room credit per night when staying in their suites. Thus, their pantry isn’t just for show… it is yours to have! #openbar 


Wagashi Welcome
complimentary tea & coffee



Of course, a St. Regis stay isn’t complete without a St. Regis breakfast. Like all restaurants in Japan, their standards of service and dining are much better here. At the La Veduta, remember to always opt for the traditional Japanese breakfast. It is an gastronomical experience that shouldn’t be missed.


St. Regis: La Veduta Restaurant


No matter where you stay in Japan, you will almost certainly get an amazing customer service. This country is a constant unforgettable reminder that genuine care for your guests should be always a top priority.

St. Regis Osaka takes this charming culture and amplifies it a million times over. From the staff remembering your name, to the Wagashi tea welcome, to the over-the-top shoe shine, & to the traditional breakfast, this hotel will welcome you into their world… with luxurious Japanese traditions.


Meter - W Taipei3


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