Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The first step inside “Sin City” is always transporting. You get off your plane. Step into a taxi. And pull into the valet area. Everything is bigger, brighter, and better. Do you feel the energy? Yes, it’s time to depart from your everyday lives. It’s time to party.

Welcome to Disneyland Vegas. For those that knows Paul in his youthful days, he used to frequent this 24/7 glitzy city weekly annually. Gee, what happened to him? Sigh, he just can’t keep up with me anymore.

It’s alright, today we will share and impart some useful wisdom for anyone that is interested in visiting this city. Join me too. After all, I’m still a party animal!


Welcome to Vegas! @ The Cosmopolitan


You know when you’re in Vegas when the tagline of your hotel is “Just the Right Amount of Wrong”. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, one of our top favorites on the strip, is our #1 pick for a place to stay on a high energy weekend.


When booking, it’s important to never reserve The Cosmopolitan (or any other hotel in this city for that matter) with Loyalty Rewards. This is because Las Vegas have a lot of promotions, which makes it usually more cost effective to just book it directly with the hotel. As a matter of fact, there are times when they even offer their rooms for free!


ex. an invite for a TWO-night complimentary stay @ The Cosmopolitan


One of the most unique feature of this hotel is that they feature balconies that overlook the gorgeous Las Vegas Boulevard. Since it’s situated right next to the Bellagio, always ask for Fountain View facing rooms. Trust me, it’s worth the premium.

fun fact: Bellagio Fountain starts daily @ 3:00pm (every 1/2 hr)


Panoramic balcony view (day/night)


Expansive views of the Bellagio Fountain + Las Vegas Strip



Another useful tip, always ask if there are promotions for suite upgrades. Las Vegas is one of the only cities in the world where it usually benefits you to do so. Since there are so many rooms in Vegas, consumers usually have an advantage in having the chance to get the most amazing suites.


Wraparound Terrace Suite


Of course, there are occasional celebratory times to splurge. For instance, a wedding! Orrrrr, a bachelor party! For an over the top experience, book the two-stories Lanai Suite. With the right company, it’s a recipe for an unforgettable epic weekend.


For special occasions: Lanai Suite (Paul w/ his silly boys)


Upstairs, the Lanai Suite features its own private projector screen (whoa… what?!) for the master bedroom. At a touch of a button, the automated projector goes down to view movies, music videos, or just about anything you like.

The morning after, you have optimal views of your terrace downstairs that have your own private jacuzzi! (wait… what?!?!)

fun fact: all Lanai Suites have direct access to the Boulevard Pool @ The Cosmopolitan 


Lanai Suite (upstairs): Master bedroom/bathroom, projector, & view


No Vegas is complete without a little partying! Whether you are celebrating with friends or family, let’s end the weekend on a high by heading downstairs to the mega club – Marquee Las Vegas.


ex. family weekend in Vegas
Marquee Las Vegas


Yes, Las Vegas can be an intimidating city for a first-timer. Relative to other luxury hotels, the service may be only subpar. The people are overly friendly, the energy in the air is palpable, and so many norms/rules seem to be bent (or even broken!) in this party city. Yet, it’s one of the most inviting cities in the world for people looking to celebrate any occasion.




Simply put, just come to Vegas with an open mind. Have a drink or two. Embrace it & have The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas take you in for a wild ride. And remember folks – “Just the Right Amount of Wrong”







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