Today is my 5th Birthday!

Hi guys! Yayyyyy, today I’m 5 years old! I’ve been talking talking talking a lot these days. I like to speak English, but I speak Mandarin/Thai to my families from Taiwan & Thailand. I like a lot of Disney princesses and of course I LOVE traveling!

Today, let’s turn on some Disney magic and look back on just one flight every year for fun!

2018: All Nippon Airways First Class

I guess I used to sleep a lot?! Shhhhhhhh don’t wake me. Teheheheh

2019: Singapore Suite Class

I’ve never seen a seat this big before!!! Can I fly this again? Please? Prettttty please?

2020: Cathay Pacific Business Class

Wow I flew in 2020 too?! Wait, isn’t the world closed?!?! Business is huuuuuuuge too!!

2021: Japan First Class

I miss the days where I used to have the WHOLE PLANE with mommy!

2022: Emirates A380 Business Class

Ringing in 2023 with Emirates! Wow, what a party plane! How come I’m drinking orange juice instead of champagne?

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me! Can I travel to Arendelle now & hangout with Elsa again?

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