American Airlines Flagship Lounge LAX

Launched in 2018, American Airlines Flagship Lounge(s) is the airline’s approach in hospitality for its international and selected transcontinental flights to/from New York.

Since we recently reviewed the stunning space of American Airlines Flagship Lounge at JFK during Oktoberfest, I figure we do a short feature for its sister lounge at LAX.


For most readers, the best way to qualify access to this lounge is to fly a qualifying route that is serviced from American Airlines.

For example, Miki did a solo trip to LAX-JFK in Business Class on its transcontinental route. Thus, it qualifies access to its Flagship Lounge at LAX.


Contrary to its New York lounge, the LAX location is limited in its existing real estate. Thus, the space feels more like a “re-vamp” of its previous Admiral Club lounges with nicer amenities. The lighting and countertop design is similar to its other Flagship locations.

Breakfast was decent, but more cramped than other lounges. For reference here is its menu and spread for brunch.

Since Miki wasn’t hungry, we spent most of the time admiring the plane views. It was a very early morning flight so sun wasn’t even up yet!

Since every hour is champagne-o-clock, nothing wrong in sipping a glass of free Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut before boarding. Mix it with orange juice and hey… you got a fancy mimosa.

Overall, American Airlines Flagship Lounge LAX is a bearable lounge. Unlike its New York counterpart, the space feels a lot more restrictive which makes the space less enjoyable especially during crowded hours like this one during our London trip…

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to show up early to experience the lounge, it’s still a nice perk to have if you happen to be flying its airline premium classes. If you have time, a nice alternative is to walk on over to Tom Bradley’s International Terminal and go to the OneWorld Business Class lounge instead.

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