LAX OneWorld Alliance Lounge

It’s no secret that Miki & Paul loves Tom Bradley International Terminal @ LAX. And ahem, it’s kind of my favorite hub to travel from the states too. The airport’s glamour modernized design simply enhances your state of mind. Trust me, you will be in the mood to travel when you set foot in this terminal.


If you’re flying one of the airlines in the OneWorld network and have some time, I recommend stopping by their lounge. It is a simple ride up the escalator when you pass security in the main hall.


up the escalators & to the right



If you think LAX Star Alliance Lounge is big, the OneWorld Alliance is a colossal juggernaut. Spanning over 40,000 square feet, this lounge is ridiculously massive. With this much space, it constantly feels empty even when it’s rush hour.

There are a lot of options for dining & entertainment at this lounge. Lacking sleep from my busy schedule, I decided to take a quick “power nap” after a cocktail at one of their numerous open bars…


Zzz…. power nap



Unlike other domestic lounges in the states, you rarely have to worry about seating. There are hundreds of unoccupied chairs, booths, and sofas to choose from.


feels so empty because it’s so huge!




If you ever get lonely, just head to the main dining room area. While their spread is not anywhere the level of Qantas First Class Lounge next door, this lounge offers an awesome amenity especially for Los Angeles locals… a cold-pressed juice open bar! 


open raw cold-pressed juice bar!


If we’re in New York, this juice area will be pathetically empty… But let’s face it, we’re in Los Angeles people! We’re in the land of yogis. The land of health crazed #namastes. This is the most awesome lounge machine in the world!


In fact, I prefer this much more than their alcoholic open bar. The spread of the raw fresh veggies are what you would see in a local LA cold-pressed juicery: Apples, Kales, Watermelons, Celeries, Carrots, etc.  


antioxidants/vitamins overload



For those unfamiliar with cold-pressed juices, a 12oz – 16oz pour of raw veggies/fruits can range up to $10-12 USD dollars per drink. Yes, it’s almost as expensive as alcohol!


Thus, it’s a nice touch to see a lounge offering not only an open bar, but a complimentary non-alcoholic option as an alternative for all the passengers. Great way to focus on work & a healthy smart choice in preparation for a transpacific (or transatlantic) long flight.



open office area


Wi-Fi password is “oneworld”



Overall, this lounge is awesome. While it lacks the natural lighting & premium terrace views like Star Alliance Lounge, it makes up for it in its design, sheer size, and of course… the juice bar!

While not every airline lounge is created equal, it’s comforting to know that there are some premiere ones so close to our home hub. Amazing lounges allows us to forget about the hustle and bustle of the airport crowd, which transforms a supposedly “unbearable” experience to a much more “bear-tastic” one.

Happy Holidays. Happy Travels.



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