Disney Wonder Cruise

Ever since we scored Annual Passes to Disneyland, we’ve been full steaming ahead in anything Mickey Mouse. Swinging by Disney (Tarzan style) thru the Magic Key grapevine to chill with Goofy is a common occurrence now on the weekends.

To turn up the knots, we even decided to try our first ever Disney Cruise. Most of the Disney Cruise fleet is situated in Florida, but there’s one specific cruise line that drifts along the coasts of Southern California and Mexico.

Disney Wonder Cruise

San Diego – Catalina Island – Mexico – San Diego


We booked the “Deluxe Ocean Stateroom” cabin. Like the MSC World Europa, the cabin is unsurprisingly small. Aside from sleeping anyways, you’re barely in your room.

A notable difference is that their channels on the T.V. is filled with Disney entertainment. One of Chloe’s favorite episode is Mickey and Minnie Mouse teaming up to make Pineapple Fried Rice at the floating markets in Thailand.


Restaurants on Disney Wonder are creatively themed, which makes the dining experience quite unique. Most importantly (for adults), they allow 2 bottles per carry-on to bring onboard… so we can pop bottles like Dom Pérignon!

On the first night, we fine dined at “Triton” restaurant under the sea.

The following night was “Animator Palate” night

this night was really cool because they have you draw on the table and it magically comes to life at the restaurant.

Then the restaurant transforms into “Pirates Night”

Argh! Minnie Mouse ahoy!

Mickey Mouse, save us from the pirates!

After Party Dinner

Better watch your back, an alligator from Tiana’s restaurant might high five you too

Kids Club 24/7 Around the Clock

Probably the best feature that Disney Cruises have is its ability to provide constant entertainment for families. This perk feels like… MAGIC. Most cruise lines just have standard kids club where it’s simply a playground facilities to drop off your kids.

Buttttttt on a Disney cruise, everywhere you go kids get entertained. It’s 24/7 Kids Club service. Imagine going up the deck and seeing Donald Duck strolling around the boat.

or casually saying hi to Captain Mickey Mouse

In Disney Kids Club, they have activities that makes them want to stay in the club for awhile. For example, a notable favorite is “Princess Story Time” where a princess like Belle would be in the Kids Club reading the story “Beauty and the Beast”.


Since we’re familiar with the area, we opt to do our own excursions around town. For example in Catalina, we rented our own golf cart to drive around the island.

And even in Mexico, we rented a car for a quick scenic drive around town.


If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know their shows are creatively on another level. Nightly, they would have Broadway productions that nod to the classic stories of Disney.

Golden Mickey Oscars Night

Frozen Musical

Overall, this cruise is Disney on steroids. You go upstairs, you see Pluto running downstairs… You get ready for breakfast, oh look you see Moana getting ready to surf… You drop off kids with Princess, oh look it’s Belle reading Beauty and the Beast… Everywhere you go, it’s constant Disney stimulation galore.

It literally feels like you’re on a boat with the Mickey Mouse gang. For Disney lovers especially with families, this cruise is a fantastic option for a unique getaway on the SoCal coast… on the happiest boat on Earth.

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