Top 5 reasons to fly kids in First Class

Even with points and miles, it baffles people’s mind that Chloe always fly premium cabins especially for 15+ hr flights. Instead of paying double the miles for two passengers… it now costs TRIPLE the miles for three passengers 😭 we totally get it — it’s an extra +1 cost

JAL First Class

As a matter of fact just for Japan Airlines, this is Chloe’s 3rd time to date flying its amazing First Class. If you’re curious, here are the previous two features. It’s like her second home.

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Additionally, here are previous times when we flew without kids in JAL First.

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Today we’ll elaborate on how we think flying with kids in First Class is a “win-win” situation for everyone.

featuring our most recent JAL First from BKK-NRT-LAX

Reason #1: Sleep

No joke that this is the top reason. One of the most begrudging fears for parents in family travel is a toddler not sleeping well on planes. It’s a “lose-lose” nightmare situation for everyone. The poor little babies crying their eyes out because they’re so tired…. parents frustrated & exhausted… and not to mention passengers nearby annoyed at it affecting their arduous travels.

With First Class, it significantly decreases the chance of that happening. The seats are roomier and there’s a bed that makes it extremely easy for the kid to sleep the whole flight. In turn, makes the travel more productive and less stressful for everyone.

Reason #2: Champagne for mom and dad

Yes, this ranks (selfishly) number two on our list. We fly First together because we just want to drink some fine wine. Sorry Chloe, you only get orange juice while we drink some Cristal/Salon champagne.

Reason #3: Don’t need to worry about bringing your own food (or milk)

When it comes to airlines like JAL, you do not ever need to worry about bringing food for your kid. JAL dining standards are simply unparalleled. They have a wealth of selections that kids will love.

“which bread do you want :)”

More importantly since the seat is designed to fit 2 people, it makes feeding Chloe a lot more pleasant.

Reason #4: Safer “play area” for kids

One thing kids love to do for sure is to constantly move. They love running. They love exploring. Almost anything entertains them. With First Class, there are commonly a lot of perks that are catered to family travel such as playground area for kids.

JAL First Class Lounge (playground)

Also on the plane, there’s more space to entertain your kids — even your “footrest” area can fit them!

Mommy let’s play… hide and seek!

Reason #5: Attentive service

It takes a village to raise a child and flying internationally sure ups the ante. Much to our appreciation, flight attendants proactively help take care of families in First Class, which makes the journey a much more enjoyable experience.

even mommy (finally) has some time to enjoy her meal

Overall, we are grateful that we have the opportunity to enjoy these type of flights and share this experience with the family. Traveling with kids can be quite stressful.

But with the right planning and being savvy in how you redeem your points & miles, you can transform a dreaded part of your travels into one of the most memorable/entertaining memories that you’ll cherish in your family journey.

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