Business or Pleasure? W South Beach Miami

Business travel is raging back. After a three year hiatus, corporate travel is making up for its lost time with everyone. For Miki, it is (also) the perfect opportunity to be… Chloe and Paul free 😏

especially if it takes you to… W South Beach Miami

Booking options

W South Beach unfortunately is not cheap. With Marriott eliminating award charts and transitioning into dynamic pricing for 2023, a standard “Spectacular Studio” here comes at a rate of 120,000 Bonvoy points / night.

For cash bookings, here are the weekday rates (weekends can get even more pricey)

Oasis Suite

To her surprise, Miki got proactively upgraded three levels up to the “Oasis Suite“. This is a massive jump in terms of room size and amenities. Spanning at over 1100 sq-ft, it’s a luxury condo style design featuring…

1) Its own dining/living room

2) After a bubble bath, the bedroom has a million dollar ocean view to wake up to

3) An expansive balcony that connects the living room and bedroom with stunning room service breakfast views.

4) In case you don’t want to do room service and cook, there’s even a full kitchen available.

5) And get this, there’s even a THEATER room to Netflix and chill

Hotel amenities

W South Beach has a lot of swanky amenities. There’s a day pool for hotel guests to swim/lounge in. During the summertime, this pool becomes a dayclub party.

A complimentary bike to use to cruise around the beach.

And complimentary beach/cabana service to help you work.

Question for you guys… do you guys think this trip is more business? or more pleasure….?

swipe left or right to decide…

swipe left or right to decide…

Overall, this is an amazing destination hotel. For first timers, this is no doubt one of the most iconic places to stay in Miami. Elite status recognition was proactive and much appreciated (which happens quite rarely in the states). The huge upgrade to “Oasis Suite” made Miami feel like we had a luxurious 2nd home condo. I mean, what kinda room has a theatre room within your own suite?!

This “see to be seen” hotel definitely made work feel like a “workation”

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