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Pure indulgence… our favorite Couples Massage(s) in Thailand

It is without a doubt that Thailand is the place to get the best massages in the world. Period. If you’re fortunate enough to be here, this is a must-do.

thai massage

During our Thailand stay, we went to countless spas to take advantage of the insane Thai staycation promos for locals. To share for fun, this is our top 3 favorite Couples Massages in this country.

Honorable Mention: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Before we get to our Chai Bear World massage podium for top 3, the honorable mention is the spa at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. During our staycation here, a 60-minute “Oriental Signature” massage was included in our stay. The spa is located across the river from the main hotel.

mandarin oriental
Mandarin Oriental

In terms of cost, this would’ve been the most expensive one out of this list where the treatment (if paid) would cost 6000+ baht per couple. That’s around 200 USD, which is a fraction of a cost compared to 5-star hotel ― plus it’s much better too.

Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental

The massage room is the traditional lie-flat mats, which we personally weren’t used to.

Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental

Though the massage was very good, the price that it commands makes it an honorable mention.

#3: Away Spa at W Bangkok

Prior to lockdown, this used to be a common place to have a “couple” drinks to lounge and party with friends.

W Bangkok 2013
W Bangkok 2017
W Bangkok 2013
W Bangkok 2017

Now the hotel’s occupancy is barely at 20% and the spa is in desperate need for clients to get through the door. Thus currently in terms of value, the Away Spa is running the best massage promo in Thailand.

For less than 2000 baht (65 USD), you can redeem a couples massage at W Hotel Bangkok! Due to the popularity, the weekends get booked out weeks in advance.

W Bangkok 2020

After you present your “massage voucher” at the lobby, you get escorted to the spa floor. In the spa, the ambiance is what you totally expect from a W Hotel ― swanky in your face posh.

Away Spa

Personally, the massage(s) itself is a hit or miss. Some of the masseuses here are amazing, but our second time here was more “meh” in terms of Thai standards. Nevertheless, the massage treatments comes with complimentary access to their spa facilities, which is amazing.

Away Spa

#2: Oasis Spa Kamala Phuket

This place is like a boutique version of HealthLand. It’s a day spa that specializes massage service to Thai locals.

Oasis Spa
Oasis Spa

My body is ready

Oasis Spa
Oasis Spa

For the price of the Away Spa at W Bangkok, we got a 2-hour Aromatherapy + Thai Massage combo. It was an indulgent and deeply satisfying experience. Our bodies felt like relaxed jello afterwards.

#1: Naka Island Luxury Collection Spa by Marriott

Our personal favorite all around spa was at Naka Island in Phuket. The ambiance, massage, and service fits the bill in what we imagine what a Thai massage experience should be.

Spa Naka in Phuket
Our body is ready (again)

It starts with a nice foot massage/bath.

Spa Naka

And ends with an intoxicating 90 minutes of a full body massage…

All in all, almost all massage spa experiences are awesome in Thailand. Of course, this list is just our subjective opinions and yours can vary greatly depending on your taste & preferences.

But one thing is for sure, if you’re ever fortunate enough to travel to this country… a trip to the spa is a double must must-do.

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