W Bangkok

Close your eyes… imagine it’s Saturday night. You head downstairs to the lobby lounge & as the elevator opens, your ears hear a DJ spinning deep house grooves. As you get comfortable, your go-to bartender shakes up a classic cosmopolitan for you to start the night.

Where are we? 

Ah yes, we’re at a W hotel.


Lobby Decor


Today, we’ll dive into one of the world’s most crazy urban jungle… Bangkok! Yes, for anyone that’s been into this city, they can almost all agree that just spending a weekend here can be an epic adventure of its own.


Checking-in? Welcome to W Bangkok.


W Bangkok Main Entrance



Since there are a group of us, we opt to stay in the “Cool Corner Room” that features multiple beds.


Upon entry, a seductive tablet welcomes you digitally into the room, “Do what you want, I’m yours.”

Whoa now! Calm down, we just met.


Room Entrance



Unlike the tablet, the bedroom does not make me in a “kinky” mood. It’s just two double beds in a 500 square feet room.



two double beds



That being said, we love their shiny Muay Thai Boxing gloves. I think? Or is Miki really not liking the room >.<


Uh oh, get ready for a beat down



The bathroom and living area isn’t too impressive as well. No roof showers and just an oversized tub…


lounge chair + bathroom



On a positive note, we spend the majority of our weekend nights OUTSIDE the room anyways. So all good… all good! 


Oooh, I hear the DJ’s deep house beats… I hear the cocktails shaking… it’s time to head down to the lobby bar.


Thankfully, the hotel’s lobby has a fun vibrant crowd! As a matter of fact, Miki’s friends even have slumber parties here.


WooBar is where the party is at



In the end, hotel rooms are secondary… what’s most important is being with friends and having some ridiculous silly silly fun.


“Do what you want, I’m yours”



Overall, I have mixed feelings about this hotel. Even though the crowd & design all fit the W brand, it lacks the upscale rooms, services, & amenities that I normally expect from this global company.


The formula is right, but the execution is flawed. 


That being said, W Bangkok is still a fun place to be!

Just don’t stay in the rooms here and have a slumber party in the lobby instead 😉






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