How seniors get China Airlines Top Tier Emerald or Paragon Elite Status for 10 years

Miki & Paul’s mom frequently travels to Taiwan and is an expert in how this convoluted yet quirky China Airlines Dynasty Flyer program works.

When used right, you can redeem all sorts of valuable upgrades in experiencing its Premium Business Class. One example is you can submit an “Award Transfer” request to upgrade a cabin class for another passenger on flights with select “booking fare”, which is what she did for Paul’s brother (Tony) for only 30,000 Dynasty Flyer miles in their epic trip to Taiwan.

How it feels when you score that upgrade 😉 who misses the crowded days of LAX?!
On select flights! Ex. CI0007 unavailable for upgrade but CI0005 available for Business Premium
China Airlines Business Class

You can say that she’s the “Chai Bear World” of China Airlines. Tony agrees.

China Airlines

To give you a brief overview, the highest two status tiers of China Airline’s loyalty program is Paragon and Emerald. Paragon is kinda analogous to the hybrid status of American Airlines Concierge Key/Executive Platinum while Emerald is the hybrid status of Executive Platinum/Pro.

  1. When you obtain Emerald Status, one of the most lucrative benefit is that you get two complimentary guaranteed international upgrade awards
  2. And when you obtain Paragon Status, you earn four complimentary guaranteed international upgrade awards plus an automatic Gold Status for your spouse.

And on top of that, you get exclusive access to a dedicated restaurant area at their Flagship lounge in Taoyuan International Airport ― sort of analogous to American Airlines “Flagship First Dining Lounge”.

China Airlines Paragon Emerald
China Airlines Emerald Paragon Dining Lounge
Emerald and Paragon Exclusive Dining Lounge at Taoyuan Airport


Known to only a few, there’s a hidden gem that’s in China Airline’s loyalty program for senior members. If they earn Emerald or Paragon status, they have the option to keep it for…. (waiiiiit for it)


Simply fly only one flight in each bi-annual renewal period and they’ll qualify to keep their Emerald or Paragon status for another 2 years. Each member gets to do it 5 times. Thus, they can keep the elite status up to 10 years.

For those that flew China Airlines Premium Business, it’s one of the best comfortable ways to fly to Taiwan.

China Airlines Business
China Airlines Dining

One of the silver linings of 2020 is that they lowered the elite qualification requirements across the board. So now by doing nothing and just chilling at home, Miki & Paul’s mom suddenly earned the coveted “Emerald Status”!

Emerald Status

Like figuring out creative ways to trigger “AMEX airline credits” or hotel workarounds in getting that “suite upgrade”, any program regardless of how quirky and convoluted it is can be lucrative when used the right way.

Overall, this is a prime example of how loyalty can be very rewarding. The guaranteed top elite status for 10 years is one of the best hidden secrets of airline programs.

Next time we go to Taiwan…. I guess we know who to call 😉


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