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A Tale of Two Countries: #VanLife vs. #SuiteLife

My love affair with Thai islands started one day when we ventured into the off-beaten tracks of Six Sense Yao Noi. The rustic-chic turquoise sea with stunning views of small private archipelago makes it one of the most charming seclusion to escape from the world’s noise. Living in Thailand, we took it to the next level to visit all sorts remote places since there are virtually no tourists currently in the country.

Keemala Thailand

Sadly, Paul had to fly back to the states first so he couldn’t join Miki and Chloe to another splendid isolated destination in Koh Samui Thailand.

airplane view

Currently she’s working remotely with family at Conrad Koh Samui where their bedroom features their own private infinity pool that overlooks clusters of small islands. The view is especially gorgeous at sunrise.

conrad koh samui
Conrad Koh Samui Thailand

Through FaceTime and Instagram chat, Paul and their childhood friend decided to match that with the California Coast during sunset! Though fancy hotel options are extremely limited right now, they were able to still get unobstructed (and might I say complimentary) views of the Pacific Ocean in a unique decked out awesome mobile #vanlife hotel ― that’s right Miki, beat this.

van life

This van even features a kitchen that most hotel suites don’t even have!

van life

The roof even conveniently has its own lights with air conditioned vents.

Meanwhile, Miki was showing us her breakfast Koh Samui morning view. Pfft…. not jealous at all…..

conrad koh samui

Paul flips his iPhone camera. Bam! Our sunset night view.


All jokes aside, no matter what side of the world you’re living in, this post is just a friendly reminder that we can always find ways to connect and experience similar beautiful things. Even though the pandemic has hit America hard, simple moments like looking at a sunset shows us that it doesn’t take too much to see life’s beauty.

Sunrise or sunset… in the end, we’re all in the same world looking at the same sun 🙂

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