Keemala, the most Instagrammable Glamping Hotel

Perched in a mountain overlooking the Andaman Sea, Keemala is an unusual wonderland that stands out on its own amongst other boutique hotels in Phuket Island. The design and concept makes you feel like you’re inhabiting in another planet ― living in its prehistoric era with “glamping” amenities.

The whole place is enchanting for your senses.


The bamboo curved pathway to the lobby is uniquely designed to fit in this Keemala world.

Keemala lobby

Ahhh, the welcome towel and tea… we’re reminded we’re in a hotel on Earth.

Keemala welcome amenities

For this stay, we decided to go out of our comfort zone and try their “Clay Tent” room. Essentially, it’s a supersized giant tent that is suppose to emulate the touch, sight, hearing smell, and taste of a camping experience ― without the discomfort.

Our tent is #502. Miki is very…. nervous 😉

Keemala Clay Tent 502

A fun fact about this tent is that it’s the only one in the hotel that is built around a tree.

so yes quite literally… a tree is sticking out in the middle of our room.
Keemala Tree

Our tent also has its own private pool.

Keemala Private Pool

And bathtub. Dang… can all camping trips come with amenities like this?!

Keemala Bathtub

Around the hotel, it’s an Instagram influencer dream. Almost any angle looks like it’s built for that app. The backdrop is picture perfect.

Here’s the picture overlooking the main pool…

Keemala Main Pool

After that -gram, we turn our iPhones around and wha-bam, another instagrammable moment with our tent being the backdrop.

Keemala Clay Tents

Hello? Is this Earth?


Our walls are built with tent-like materials to simulate that “camping experience”. In this alien planet, we heard & felt every drop of its wind/rain.

Keemala Tent

The rain felt remarkably fascinating. Even though our tent was small with just a bed, pool, and bathtub, the whole environment felt like it was a part of our room/stay.

Keemala Glamping Life
wake up to the sounds and winds of tropical rain

When the rain ended, we spent sometime swimming (and taking pictures) by our private pool.

And main pool.

Overall, this was a standout stay. Though it comes at a hefty price tag, the allure of Keemala is its ability to make you feel like you’re in another planet with modern amenities you typically crave on planet Earth. It’s a breath of fresh air from the cookie cutter designs we usually expect from a hotel.

The unusual spell-binding design makes this place an Instagram paradise. Ladies, get your pose on. Gentleman, get mentally ready to be an Instagram-boyfriend/husband for the duration of this stay.


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