Just like old times… Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

Travel has a poetic way of telling time. Earlier this September, we decided to return to Thailand after a long hiatus away from family. Personally, it was one of the hardest, yet best decisions we made this year. It required a lot of hoops to jump thru, but we knew it would be well worth it for all the precious moments Chloe would spend with her dearest brothers and sisters in Bangkok — not to mention Thailand has been covid-free for over 3-4 months.

6 weeks flew by. Before we knew, it was time for the hardest moment… Paul saying goodbye to Miki & Chloe. This year, it’s only Paul leaving and boy it really sucked. At no fault of the airline, the “jitters” and excitement of Emirates First Class just initially isn’t the same as last time.

With all Emirates First Class lounges closed worldwide, we spent the majority of time in the departing terminal just hanging out. Since it was a 1:00am flight, Chloe was asleep the whole time.

Just like Cinderella, the clock strike midnight at BKK airport and reality sank in — it was time to leave. Inside, the Emirates terminal was nearly empty. With the gate closing, Paul was the last one to board the plane.

The original “old” Boeing 777-300ER features the same exact seats as the A380 except it’s an intimate cabin with only 8 suites (1-2-1 config) instead of 14 on the jumbo aircraft.

It was déjà vu from 2017.

As Paul got seated, the wealth of amenities & Arabian coffee presentation rituals brought a sense of familiarity and welcome. The friendly Emirates flight attendants (thank you Monica) was able to lift Paul’s sorrow mood into a smile.

It’s good to be back 🙂

The personal bar in your own suite that can rise at a touch of a button never gets old.

The most notable difference in the Boeing 777 is the lack of shower rooms. Because of the real estate of the aircraft, the bathroom is also a lot smaller.

Another notable difference is the cabin ambiance and decor. At night, the whole First Class cabin is illuminated up with starry lights.

As Paul returned from the restroom, the Emirates crew finished preparing the bed for the night and topped off the 2006 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Grand Cru Bordeaux wine. Monica asked if we wanted to wake up for breakfast…

“Please wake me up 90 minutes before landing”

5 hours of sleep passed…

Paul ate a quick breakfast before the flight started descent.

As the flight approached Dubai, we can’t help but think why life is so complicated this year. Why does the world feel so big? Why are people (including the ones we love) feel so far apart?

First Class flights isn’t just about extravagance. With the simple use of miles, it makes you have a rare opportunity to heighten your senses. A sip of that Arabian coffee during boarding takes you to a time of past and future memories that you’ll never forget. Overall this flight made me appreciate that in this ever-changing world of travel, some things thankfully never change. Emirates First is exactly how I remembered it. It truly is an amazing international airline.

P.S. I can’t believe we didn’t drink a sip of Dom on this flight.


  1. Hi such a nice review ! Too bad for the Dom, but I hoped you enjoyed the 2006 Smith Haut Lafitte ! See you in our vineyard to taste more vintages ! 😉

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    1. @Camille Haha, we usually drink Dom in celebrations so the occasion didn’t feel right on the flight. Yes, I absolutely adored this Bordeaux!. The color and the taste was lusciously attractive & expressive. Would love to hear other vintages you recommend from your vineyard

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