Insane Marriott Promotion for Thai Residents at the St. Regis Bangkok

Travel isn’t always about discovering new places. Whether you’re sipping an Arabian coffee in Dubai or smiling ear-to-ear hopping into a Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur at 5th Ave, or even sitting by an office desk in your room at a staycation like this in Bangkok, the greatest guilty pleasure is found in a rehearsed familiar experience found in a global brand hotel like the St. Regis — especially if it’s an insane deal.

Recently Thailand celebrated its success in being covid-free for over 100+ days. Since then, luxury hotel brands like the St. Regis has been finding creative ways to attract travel-hungry local Thai residents (like us 😉 ) in having a staycation here.

Let’s start with the cost. For one night, it is 5097THB ($160 USD) per night. On top of that, there’s a 1000THB ($30 USD) credit during the stay. To make it even more lucrative, the Thai government subsidizes another 2000+THB for the booking — which makes the stay less than 100 USD for a St. Regis hotel!

Now as an extra layer of incentive, they grant early check-in at 9:00AM and super duper whopping late check-out at 9:00PM.

On top of that, since the check-in for just the one night is at 9:00am, Lifetime Platinum Elite members are granted not one but TWO complimentary a la carte breakfasts. And since check-out is at 9:00pm, you are also granted TWO complimentary Platinum happy hour benefit at the St. Regis bar. Honestly, since it felt like they’re paying us to come, the decision for this staycation was a no brainer.

The escort to check-in brought a huge smile to us. This simple polite gesture felt so decadent….. ah yes, Chai Bear’s back baby! It’s been too long!

The hotel generously gave us a double suite upgrade to the St. Regis suite. Before going up, we walked into the St. Regis restaurant to take advantage of the 1st complimentary breakfast. Our first 2020 luxe hotel breakfast… believe it, we ordered almost everything on the menu.

After stuffing ourselves, we got blown away walking into Room 2301. It’s an expansive 1000+sqft suite that overlooks the golf club. There’s even enough space for a dining room on the left.

And as you turn right, you enter a separate bedroom.

Which has the master bathroom that features a separate bathtub overlooking a roof rain shower.

Finally, a notable unique feature in this suite is a kitchen area that has a built-in microwave and a coffee machine. This sheer amount of amenities almost made us feel like we’re in an apartment not a hotel room.

As we sip on the coffee, we nibble on the welcome Platinum member dessert. Man, it feels good to be back.

Later that evening, we enjoy the 1000THB resort credit + Platinum amenities at the St. Regis bar. Already stuffed, Miki & Paul drank (instead of eating) most of the time.

The next morning, we enjoyed another complimentary a la carte breakfast. Because of the 9am check-in, this already feels like a 2 night stay. Pro tip, they have a secret menu French mango toast dish that is insanely delicious.

In the evening, we changed Chloe into her swimming wear for a late night dip in the pool by Elemis Spa, which overlooks the Bangkok skyline.

While Paul enjoys working out (and posing) at the unique Muay Thai Boxing Ring at the St. Regis gym.

Overall, with…

  1. Less than 3000THB ($100 USD) for the one-night
  2. Double upgrade to St. Regis Suite
  3. Check-in at 9:00am
  4. Check-out at 9:00pm
  5. Two days of complimentary breakfast
  6. Two evenings of complimentary happy hour
  7. 1000THB ($30 USD) hotel credit
  8. Oh and forget to mention, a 900THB spending credit at Biscotti, a partner Italian restaurant with the Thai government

This was by-far the best value we ever spent on a St. Regis stay. If you’re in Thailand, now is a great opportunity to take advantage of promotions like this. This staycation deal will not last long.

Jump on it.


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