Cost Breakdown of Thailand Alternative Stay Quarantine

Final day! We checkout tomorrow at 6:00am. After being…

  1. Granted a visa
  2. Purchasing an approved (overpriced) one-way EVA Air flight that the Thai government handpicked
  3. Getting a covid-neg test 72 hours before check-in
  4. Only to be denied boarding at check-in because our medical insurance letter wasn’t “detailed” enough
  5. Only to be re-granted boarding after purchasing a separate international medical insurance
  6. And finally a 15 days at Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok with strict quarantine restrictions.

In terms of our total out-of-pocket cost, flights was $921 USD per passenger and the total hotel stay was 141,500 baht which is around $4535 USD, which makes this a grand total of…

$7000+ USD for our journey home

For Thai citizens (without a baby!), we highly recommend taking advantage of the government sponsored program where you stay at a random hotel of their choice and all living cost is covered. This saves you a TON of money. For readers that are interested in this whole process, you’re welcome to DM us about it.

In the end, it’s all about reuniting with family. No matter the trouble, there’s always no place like home 🙂

See you tomorrow Thailand.

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