Moxy NYC East Village for Marriott Millennials

The hostel industry has been extremely popular due to not only its cheap prices, but a place where travelers have the priceless opportunity to meet and have a chance to socialize with each other.


Marriott’s experimental Moxy brand is the hotel’s attempt to tap into a part of that market where it gives guest a sense of community yet at the same time have the amenities and offerings of a luxury hotel. While we could’ve stayed at the amazing Park Hyatt another night for The Points Guy Awards, we decided it was better value with points to stay here since we had an early flight out the next day.


How to Book


While the brand markets themselves as “affordable”, this hotel can get quite expensive with cash rate during the holiday season. So warning millennials… this isn’t your typical dormitory prices at 15 bucks per night!


$576.15 for a one night stay?!



But thankfully Moxy tends to be priced at reasonable hotel redemption rates. This new Moxy for example is at Category 5, which only costs 35,000 points to redeem.


Plus, this is the sweet spot for anyone that has Marriott free nights to redeem. Upon booking, an “eligible e-certificate” will pop up and you can select that option for your free night!


Thank you points… you saved the day



The Experience


Wassssup Mr. Chai, can I help you check-in?

Moxy check-in


I immediately felt like I entered a portal back to the 2000s into an Abercrombie & Fitch store. The staff was overly informal and friendly, but I found the quirkiness amusing.


To up the quirkiness a notch, Marriott Platinum members even receive hotel credits (instead of the usual complimentary breakfast) in the form of Moxy poker chips.



poker chips for Marriott Platinum members



Before heading up to the room, we decided to check-out the “social area”, which reminds me a blend of a hostel with a nightclub lounge flair. There’s even a dedicated spot for a DJ to spin on the weekends.


the Moxy communal area



In the elevator up to the rooms, there’s an event posting that features the weirdest hotel happenings I have ever seen.

  1. Mile High Run Club
  2. Rock N Roll Tour 
  3. Psychic Readings





The room size is hilariously small, but expected for New York standards. On the plus side, everything in the room felt pristine & unused since this is a brand new hotel.








Since there’s not much to do in this tiny room, Paul decided to play with his $10 dollar poker chip on his bed.





Overall, this was a weird but amusing stay. It’s interesting to see Marriott’s attempt to tap into a niche market for travelers who wants the hostel experience, but still craves the hotel hospitality at the same time.


Nevertheless, the Moxy NYC tends be expensive during high season, so you’re not saving much money like you do at hostels. Though this stay was comfortable, I personally would not spend $500+ USD to stay here.


But if you have Marriott points and free nights to redeem, this is a great option for a good value at a Bonvoy category 5 hotel.



saison meter


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