Park Hyatt New York

A New Yorker friend once told me,

“You can take a girl out of the city, but you can’t take New York out of the girl” 

Well, it’s been ten years since Miki & Paul’s New York days & a lot has sure changed. Maybe it’s because we’re older different now…

That being said, the city in a lot of ways still feels the same. It’s intangible & hard to describe. I call it, “the New York vibes”. And this vibe translates well into the ultra-luxurious hotel world. Naturally, we wanted to experience it first-hand.

So for our last night in New York, we hop into our Bentley Mulsanne from our amazing St. Regis stay to check out the newest hotel in Manhattan.


Bentley Mulsanne transfer



Welcome to Park Hyatt New York.


The driver parks right at the hotel entrance across from Carnegie Hall. Immediately, an entourage of valet staff kindly assists us with our belongings & luggage. Wow, we may not have “Prince” or “Princess” or “Your Majesty” in our title, but with this pampering treatment, we sure felt like royalties.



main entrance




As I watch Miki & Paul check-in, I notice how different the lobby decor is from our St. Regis stay. It’s like we’re transported from a world of vintage luxury and got flipped upside down into another dimension of ultra-contemporary charm.


lobby on upper floors



Pro tip, unless you want to shell out $800-$1000 per night, I recommend you use your loyalty rewards for this stay. In fact, during New Years Eve, a normal room here starts at $1700 per night!






Their deluxe rooms are spacious (by New York standards). Spanning at 600 square feet, the room has a luxury condominium feel to it.


As I walk into our hallway entrance, I notice there’s a cabinet that features my favorite complimentary Nespresso goodies.


long hallway entrance w/ Nespresso amenities



As a nice little surprise, the concierge presents a welcome amenity at our office table.


decadent chocolate strawberries w/ a bottle of champagne



Everything in the room can be controlled with an iPad. Even their phones are touchscreen too.


modern bedroom



This modern high tech theme extends to the bathroom too. As you step into the room, you immediately notice the heated floors… HEATED floors!


Come on in, can you feel the heated floors?!



Also, roof showers with a vanity mirror.

AND an oversized tub for bubble baths.

ANNNND a personal bathroom T.V. by the sinks.





Another important tip, make sure to go up to the 25th floor to take advantage of their pool and spa.


spa main entrance




It’s insanely gorgeous here. There are even speakers underwater that plays ambient classical music. It’s unnecessary, but a nice novelty.


Paul doing a late-night swim after a long day in New York



Just like The Mandarin Oriental Spa, there is even a shower suite that offers not one…

but ELEVEN shower heads. ELEVEN!!!


I recommend taking multiple showers here. It’s that amazing.


ELEVEN shower heads! Insanity



Yep, I feel like a million bucks.


cue Frank Sinatra music please




Want to feel like a billion bucks?! Take an early morning dip into the pool. Trust me, it’s the best feeling ever especially before a long flight out.


❤ New York life



Flying home, rejuvenated and ready to return to work, I thought a lot about what makes a hotel (or destination) truly exceptional.

When the newness is no longer new, what is that ineffable quality that makes a St. Regis awesome? 

When it is new (like Park Hyatt), what makes us have a lasting impression that makes us want to come back? 




The answer is timeless hospitality.

Just like New York itself, the city changes constantly, but the core and vibe of it will always remain the same. Yes, it is expensive. But it rewards us with priceless memories that we’ll never take for granted.

On that note, we hope you enjoyed this year’s features of Chai Bear World. It’s been an interesting year for sure.

We look forward to see where 2018 takes us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂


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