Déjà vu, we’re on the Ellen Show again!

It’s 2:30pm… Vicky (Chloe’s favorite aunt) giddily asks

“Hey Paul, do you have any plans next Tuesday?”

“Uh… let’s see. Hm, no plans.” 

“Yes you do, because you’re going to Burbank with me.” 


Because we’re going to the Ellen Show again!


Paul’s reaction



For those of you that remember, Santa Claus in the form of Ellen DeGeneres came in 2018 for Vicky and gifted her an ultimate experience of a lifetime. She was even one of the lucky few that got hand-picked to be in an “interest group” to be on T.V.


Vicky on T.V. (Dec 2018)




On top of that, Ellen gifted her an amazing trip to Jamaica!







This time, she was able to bring 3 guests to the show to experience what it’s like to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Pictures and videos are limited so apologies in advance… but here’s the inside scoop behind the scenes!


the Ellen Show entourage




Upon arrival, the invited audiences meet in this studio lot. What most people don’t know while waiting is that there are specific Ellen staff members that look for people that are good candidates to be on T.V.


studio lot
audience waiting area




Out of sheer luck, Vicky along with her 3 guests got selected (out of hundreds of people) to be in the “interest group” again! After being selected, you essentially passed the “level 1” of the interview process.


Level 2, the staff then takes the selected guests and performs an additional filter to see who the final candidates are if Ellen happens to make an audience on T.V. Almost immediately, the staff decides to keep Vicky and her sister… and kicks the guys (including Paul) out.


It was the quickest rejection Paul ever got in an interview, but it’s ok… he didn’t take it personally 😉 


Paul’s reasoning…


the chosen ones



During the studio taping, the staff informs Vicky to sit at a specific aisle seat. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Ellen decided to not make an audience come into the stage for that episode taping. For those interested, the celebrity that got interviewed was Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell’s husband)


dax shepard
check it out online




After the taping, we were free to roam around The Ellen DeGeneres Shop to get some merchandise and souvenirs.



The Ellen Shop



Overall, this was a special experience. The show gives so much hope & positivity to everyone. After the taping, I felt like I went to a year’s worth of Disneyland feels.


Not many people get to have the opportunity to be on The Ellen Show (let alone twice!) and I can finally understand why people are willing to travel from all over the country just to attend a taping of this show.



It was fun to see what goes on behind the scenes… special thanks to Vicky for the experience!



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