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W Hollywood vs. W Beverly Hills – which locale vibe is better?

Man, we used to be so “hip”. Brave LA traffic like it is child’s play. Influencers what? Honey please, socialites was our last name.


2 hours in traffics on a rush hour night? Pfft, no big deal


google map



On weekends or special nights, we enjoy the occasional staycations in Los Angeles to avoid the hassle of driving back. As many locals know, the LA topographical landscape is so spread out that it’s important to know where you stay in the city.


Today, we’ll look at a couple districts in Los Angeles featuring two Marriott Bonvoy hotels as the focal point in sharing how we feel in the locale vibe in that area.

For this post, we’ll focus less on the room itself, but more on the trip down memory lane in the special events we attended in these neighborhoods.






W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills


Let’s be real, this is W Westwood, but for marketing purposes for non-locals, they renamed it to West Beverly Hills to attract more tourists visiting LA.


To be fair, the location is still situated close to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive is only a short 5-10 min drive with no traffic. The hotel even provides complimentary transportation for all hotel guests. Back then, it was an Acura MDX for the chauffeur.


no need to Uber




One weekend, Miki & Paul opt to stay here to attend a very special Chinese New Year event at Cartier Beverly Hills. This boutique store is incredibly nostalgic from their engagement memories.


ughs. get a room.




The boutique manager (hi Jennifer ❤ much loves) kindly invited us that year for an intimate celebration at the store after it closed to the public in Rodeo Drive.


It was an unforgettable night.



Cartier Beverly Hills

Miki went to town on jewelries probably only the Kardashians could afford. Paul felt light-headed – ya… totally from the champagne



yikes! (faint)




W Hollywood


For the nightlife, there is no comparison. All the parties happen here. W Hollywood is a common starting point for a night out in area with families and friends.


2013-12-20 21.52.03
W Hollywood main lobby


W Hollywood bedroom




One weekend, The Points Guy (TPG) threw a superb private party on the rooftop at the hotel to celebrate the love for hotels and travel.



TPG flight attendants



This guy really knows how to throw a First Class (pun intended) party.


Brian Kelly




Bottom Line


Overall, the two hotels have a polarizing feel in very different parts of the city. One hotel feels more residential & intimate while the other feels more party-centric & glitzy. Unlike other destinations, Los Angeles is a city where you plan your hotel around your events — not the other way around.


It’s the entertainment capital of the world.


Just wish traffic is better?

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