Palazzo Penthouse Las Vegas

Ever wonder what it’s like to stay at the penthouse floor in Vegas? Guess what, me too! Today, we’ll pretend to be high rollers in the all-suite hotel of The Palazzo Las Vegas and stay at one of the largest rooms that Vegas has to offer.


The Palazzo Las Vegas




You know your wallet is in trouble when you need to “Call Reservations” for availability. Like a Hermès bag displayed on a decorative shelf in South Coast Plaza … or a Porsche showroom at their Experience Center… if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it!


Luckily, Vegas is a whole other animal when it comes to hotel booking. In fact, if you’re a high roller, I’m sure you know that you actually get these rooms for free. Unlike other places in the world, loyalty status doesn’t come in how much you stay in their rooms… it rewards you depending on how frequently you gamble in their properties. 


Price upon request (call 866-263-2999 for booking)



If you’re like the 99% of us that doesn’t fall into that category, there’s thankfully still a way to get these rooms at a significantly lower rate… it’s called LADY LUCK (so vegas appropriate…)

Once in a blue moon, they’ll promote their top-tier rooms as an incentive to fill their vacant suites. If the math checks out and it’s worth it, it’s time for Nike’s Motto… “just do it!”


50th penthouse floor
The Paiza Club


The Palazzo’s top floor is called the “The Paiza Club”. Besides a super exclusive “Asian fusion” restaurant that we obviously can’t afford, there are no lounges or special amenities provided. Simply put, it’s pretty much just a penthouse floor where all the baller suites are located in this hotel.


The “smallest” entry suite on this top floor is a mind-boggling size of 1943 sq-ft. 


Living Room



Unlike most hotel rooms in the world, you have your own POOL TABLE.


private Billiards table



To make things more over the top, there’s also a baby GRAND PIANO behind the living room.


private Yamaha piano



This suite is designed obviously for Paul and his brother (Tony). Upon entering the entertainment area, they decided to have some silly fun 😉


Entertainment Room



After that, there’s another double door that leads to a comfortable king-sized bed.


Master Bedroom



As you turn left, you’ll see the master bathroom with a separate shower (with five shower jets) AND a jacuzzi (with seven jets).


Master Bathroom



Of course, Vegas is not vegas without a little party and lots of #nomnomnom


walking distance to Wynn’s XS & Buffet


Overall, this suite was quite the Vegas entertainment. With our room the size of (if not larger than) most people’s condos, we felt guilty for even leaving briefly to go run errands in the city.

That being said, similar to The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, it still lacks the intimate guest services that we cherish dearly that other luxury hotels around the world typically provide. To be critical, the rapport between this hotel and their guests feels more like a business transaction than a personal relationship.


Is it worth it? No.

Would I do it again?  Probably not.

But is it worth the one-time Vegas experience?  For the right price, absolutely yes.  


Until the next promotional offer… let’s roll the dice.


Meter - The Plaza



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