Access Lounge in South Coast Plaza

America has a hilarious tradition…

Loves and kisses on Thanksgiving. Death and chaos on Black Friday!

The one day of the year has come. Retailers throughout the country promote insane deals to attract customers for the holidays. Shoppers tramples others for sale. No mercy!

In fact, I always feel like poor childhood Simba (from Lion King) this time of year. I pretend to be tough doing a cute roar…  but no matter what… I get smashed by the stampede of ruthless animals 😦


how I feel every year on Black Friday


South Coast Plaza, an upscale shopping mall in Orange County grossing over $1.5 billion annually in sales, is by far one of the most chaotic places on this D-day.

Lines out the door. Shoulders bumping shoulders. Please humans! A bear is trying to shop around here! Luckily, hidden by Saks Fifth Avenue lies a small enclave to get away from it all… Access Lounge. 


Access Lounge @ South Coast Plaza


There’s a hard way and an easy way to have access in this “VIP concierge lounge”.

The hard way: Shop regularly or spend an undisclosed $$$$ of luxury items at one of their boutique shops (ex. Chopard, Cartier, Hermes, etc.) and the managers will gift you a day pass to relax here.

The easy way: Have an AMEX Business or Personal Platinum Card


the easy way



That being said, it’s not a big deal if you never step foot into this lounge. So please, get the AMEX Platinum for the travel benefits (Centurion lounges, Global Entry, AMEX fine hotels & resorts, etc.), and not for this supplementary mall concierge lounge.


With the exception of Black Friday, this place is generally impractical since there are so many nice places to relax at South Coast Plaza. Nevertheless, I guess it’s nice to have today to escape the merciless stampede…


Access Lounge pass: CNY edition



On special holidays such as Chinese New Year, South Coast will change up the Access Pass and turn its design into a red envelope. Each day pass gives you complimentary coffee, tea, light snacks, and champagne (up to 2 glasses).



Living Room




Separate to the lounge, the mall once in awhile offer its members invites to their private events such as fashion shows to promote certain boutique brands.


private events @ South Coast Plaza



It’s hard to say no to meeting the designers, gorgeous models, luxe complimentary goodies, & of course… an open bar 😉


Anne Fontaine @ South Coast Plaza





This place has the exclusivity, but lacks the “wow” factor. Nevertheless, it’s a simple sanctuary that’s nice to have. Plus, they host amazing private events that are super fun to attend.



South Coast Private Events




To be fair, mall shopping lounges are quite rare to begin with. Thus, you have to give them proper credit in trying to cater to people that loves to shop and travel.


Time to go back out to the stampede… Black Friday, here we go! 



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