Marina Bay Sands


There are luxury hotels that define an experience and there are hotels that define a destination – Marina Bay Sands is one of the few hotels in the world that does both.

Set in the serene surroundings overlooking the pristine city of Singapore’s skyline, this architectural marvel is one of the island’s most recognizable and distinguished luxe hotels. No matter where you are in the city, you will recognize its juggernaut presence.


Fashionista Miki @ Marina Bay


Breakdancer Paul @ The Gardens



It would take ages to visit all the hotels crafted in this immaculate city. But if you only have time for one, I would highly consider this one purely for its architectural beauty.

Warning though, checking in can be quite hectic due to the immense crowds that are staying/visiting this hotel. Thus, if you’re staying in a suite, a useful tip is to go directly into their “VIP Lounge” for a seamless check-in experience.






Our Orchid Suite overlooks the grand botanical gardens. Though the living room and furnitures seem a little dated, it still is over 1000 square feet… which makes it a comfortable stay if you’re traveling with a group or family.



Living Room (w/ Nespresso machine)



The suite’s bedroom is not that impressive either.



Bedroom w/ connecting balcony views



So if the living room is meh…. and the bedroom is meh meh meh… why stay at this hotel to begin with?! The answer is simple.

Atop of the suite, stands a marvelous iconic Infinity Pool – one of the most famous rooftop pools in the world. And only hotel guests get access to swimming here. Spanning over three times the length of an Olympic pool and 57 levels above the ground, this is the most epic “swimming in the air” experience you’ll ever have in your life.


Infinity Pool – Morning & Afternoon


Infinity Pool – Night



If you have time, you can end your stay by stepping into Marina Bay Sand’s botanical gardens to appreciate some Mother Nature.


Botanical Gardens



Yes, this hotel is a tourist trap. Yes, it is overpriced. And yes, the suites, club restaurants, & personalized services are nowhere close to the level of nearby hotels like Fairmont Singapore

Yet, I still personally feel that it’s worth the once in a lifetime experience. In the end, the captivating views when you’re floating on top of the world creates an unforgettable memory that you’ll treasure forever for the rest of your life.





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