Fairmont Singapore

What is the Matrix? Does it exist? Why yes, you can see it when you look out your hotel window. You can feel it when you eat its Hainan Chicken, when you cross the pristine streets, and when you take a picture. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. It is the perfect world. It is Singapore. 


Happy Monday folks! Joking aside, Singapore is an awesome awesome country. One of Asia’s richest cities, this small 240 square miles of Matrix contains a wealth of Asia’s most luxurious hotels. And Fairmont Singapore is by far no exception.

Upon check-in, the staff escorts us to the top floor of our expansive Fairmont Suite.





Color me impress, if this really is the Matrix, I’ll take the blue pill over the red pill any day. Upon entering, you see a trail of rose petals to the double-door bedroom. This is usually a nice touch for the ladies. This trip however, I decided to invite my bros along for the ride instead. Everyone, meet my homies… Chou Bear & Baby Chou Bear!


Living Room



The bedroom features an insane panorama of Singapore’s skyline. Imagine it’s 9:00am. You open the automated sheers. You sip your french-pressed coffee. And you wake up to this bedroom view.


balcony suite view



The bathroom is Miki & Paul’s shower heaven. Almost the size of a typical room in New York or Paris, this marble sanctuary features a shower with double glass doors. If you like, you can enter from the left side or the right side! Ample space to wash, cleanse, and even take a bubble bath.


his/her marble bathroom



For Fairmont Platinum Members, every guest gets to enjoy complimentary dining and drinks at the President’s Club. The spread is gastronomically wow. In fact, there’s a dedicated chef personally assisting everyone with Peking Duck Rolls. Like a doctor, using nitrile gloves meticulously putting each duck piece, sliced cucumber, and seasonings into each roll. So much flavor. So much yums.


President’s Club Lounge



To top it all, the lounge has incorporated a Moët & Chandon open bar!





Overall, Fairmont Singapore is an amazing hotel to see this country in all its glory. In fact, I recommend staying here in lieu of Marina Bay Sands for its value, amenities, and services.

To be honest, Singapore is almost too perfect. Sometimes, I still crave the real world: the sight of tuk tuk in Bangkok riding chaotically on the wrong side of the road, the smell of stinky tofus sizzling in the night markets of Taiwan, or even the sound of sushi chefs yelling orders in a Shinkansen food court can bring a nostalgic smile in my Asia travels.

That said, Singapore is a great escape. Take the blue pill. Go into the Matrix. Don’t worry, you can always get out of the rabbit hole in a day or two and see the real world again.


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