Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort

With Burma (Myanmar) & Laos lapping its borders, Chiang Rai is a hidden mountainous jewel of northern Thailand. Known usually only to the locals, the tropical climate here soothes and invigorates the luscious landscape, which makes this place an awesome weekend getaway to escape the hustle & bustle of Bangkok.


Chiang Rai


It is here, nestled in a secluded rhythms of rural life, Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort welcomes and hands you an intimate luxe experience to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.




Sawaddee ka” 

The hotel receptionist politely greets with her Thai smile. Upon checking in, she escorts us into the Grand Deluxe Room, which is comfortably sized at 700 square feet.


Bedroom (cute swan art)
Bathroom (w/ roof shower)



This property provides excellent status recognition. For loyalty members, this hotel pretty much arranges everything.

From complimentary dining to complimentary happy hour, you can enjoy local foods and cocktails at their specialty restaurants throughout your stay.


generous breakfast spread


fresh squeezed juices


Aroi mak! (delicious)



Outside the resort and aside from the main tourist hot spots, there are many hidden cultural gems in Chiang Rai if you know where to look. One of our favorite recommendation for first-time visitors looking to experience something new is the Choui Fong Tea Plantation.


Miki taking a #selfie



This vast land of wonder is located only minutes from the border of Burma. The mist and glow through the early morning sunlight while tasting fresh Thai tea makes this place an unforgettable atmosphere to experience.

It’s like the “tea version” of Napa Valley. It makes you appreciate the undertone tastes as you expand your perspective in understanding the history in where it came from.


Choui Fong Tea Plantation @ Chiang Rai



With so many mountainous options available on the paradise of Chiang Rai, Le Méridien is a good option to seamlessly see the local customs into a resort experience. While it’s not the most “over-the-top” hotels, this place has what I appreciate the most in travel… value.

Whether you are staying here through cash or rewards, the resort offers numerous upscale amenities that makes you feel like kings and queens when exploring all of Chiang Rai’s hidden treasures in Thailand.







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