Fortuitous news, Korean Air cancels huge award devaluation to its loyalty program

Well this never happens. In a surprising turn of events, Korean Air announced that it is canceling its upcoming award devaluation for April 2023! Like a happy ending plot twist in a mellow K-drama, this came from left field.

Cue K-drama music! And happy tears

This is welcome news for frequent flyers (especially in the U.S.) that still have Korean Air SkyPass miles back when it was transfer partners with Chase Bank. This means you can still fly Korean Air First Class across the Pacific Ocean for only 80,000 miles (instead of the 50% spike increase to 120,000 miles).

If you don’t have enough miles, you can even fly its Business Class for just 62,500 miles (instead of 80,000 miles) across the Pacific. The cabin classes products are similar and the flight attendants are equally friendly/attentive especially to families.

Chloe is extremely fortunate to have flown both products and she loves them all 😀

When there’s changes to loyalty programs, it is rarely good news. Like suddenly finding First Class for Emirates, this definitely happens only once in a blue moon. Here’s to hoping this sets precedent for other airlines to follow…

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