Select 2023 Emirates First Class redemptions at pre-devaluation rates

With all its glitz and glamour, Emirates First Class is the crown jewel of the sky when it comes to experiencing what flying with money feels like. With its revamped loyalty program back in 2020, that dream became more accessible since its miles became more lucrative. That’s why over New Year it made a lot of noise in the points and miles world when seemingly out of nowhere it made an unannounced devaluation to its Skywards program.

For example, the same JFK-MXP First Class route (originally 85k) suddenly jumped to 168,750 miles for the one-way flight. That’s a 98.5% increase in price hike overnight. Geez… and here we thought inflation and the price of eggs were bad enough

Well today I just like to provide a silver lining that it looks like select 2023 Emirates First Class is still priced at pre-devaluation rates. Normally I don’t make these types of PSA posts, but since Emirates First Class seems virtually unattainable soon for a lot of people… I figure I share this news asap before its officially gone.

At the time of writing, there’s select Emirates First Class available priced at 85,000 miles in February for Valentines weekend. As a cherry on top, even the tax is at pre-devaluation rates at only $105 USD for the flight.

This route is flown by the famous Emirates A380 plane. For those that want to fly to Milan, this certainly will guarantee love will be in the air.

Indeed, flying any premium cabins with Emirates is a novelty. It has a huge bling factor that wows almost every passenger in the sky. If this has ever been a bucket list, this might be your last chance to do so with its Skywards mileage program.

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