Which is better? Emirates A380 vs. Boeing 777 First Class

Happy New Year! We’ll start off with a fun post that we get questions every now and then from readers since we flew the “Game Changer” last year.

If you had to choose, which Emirates First Class would you rather fly?

Short answer: why not BOTH  (both are redeemable with miles too)
Long answer: read on 🙂 

Seat & Privacy

There are 14 suites on the A380 (left) and there are 6 suites on the new Boeing 777 (right).

Since the A380 is a large double decker plane, 14 suites still feels really big! Definitely a lot of space for unlimited selfies.

emirates A380 First Class

In terms of real estate though, the new B777 Game Changer beats the A380 by a wide margin. Also since the suite is fully enclosed to the roof of the plane, you feel like you’re in a tall mini private jet.

emirates game changer

Winner: Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

Category: Seat & Privacy


It’s been 4 years since the A380 flight and I still think about this shower. To this day, this is by far my favorite First Class amenity in the world. This product is NOT a gimmick… it’s a necessity!

Like the Singapore A380 New Suites, its bathroom is huuuuuuuge.

emirates a380 shower

The floor in the shower suites are heated and the shower itself can fit one (or two 😉 ) very comfortably.

Emirates A380 Shower

After a steamy shower, there’s even a hair dryer, hanger, and amenity bag to change into your Emirates pajamas.

emirates A380 shower

The Boeing 777 shower on the other hand… is nonexistent

emirates boeing bathroom

Winner: Emirates A380 First Class

Category: Shower


Debuted in 2018, the Game Changer New First Class has a wealth of modern tech that beats all the airlines in the industry.

1) It has digital windows your middle suites. It has binoculars for your side suites. And it has not one but two giant screens for your viewing entertainment.

2) You can virtually “Voice Call” or “Video Call” to request room service. It’s almost as if Emirates preemptively predicted the global pandemic.

emirates video call

3) You can control your own air, temperature, and even lights in your own room.

emirates game changer

The A380 First Class on the other hand… got buttons.. ya. got buttons.

Winner: Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

Category: Technology

Bar & Lounge

This is definitely the most social and awesome amenity on the A380 plane. All Business and First Class passenger have their own bar & lounge. Plus upon request, First Class passengers can have their top shelf (ex. Dom Perignon) to be served here.

emirates sky lounge

I got a little drunk here, so my bartender cut me off… how dare she!

emirates onboard lounge

It’s ok though, I managed to flirt with another flight attendant and she secretly hooked me up with another glass of Dom Perignon 😉

emirates onboard lounge

The Boeing 777 First Class Bar on the other hand…. is nonexistent (again)

Winner: Emirates A380 First Class

Category: Bar & Lounge

Overall Verdict

So which one is better? In a global pandemic, the Emirates Game Changer New Boeing 777 First Class is by far the most superior way to fly long haul commercially. The exclusivity and privacy is unrivaled. You almost feel like you’re in a throne room or private jet.

That being said, we personally feel that the Emirates A380 First Class still edges out the Boeing 777 New First Class. Even though the product is “older”, there is something about its shower, bar, and lounge that makes the A380 double decker plane the best way to fly ―  especially if it’s Emirates First Class 😉

Winner: Emirates A380 First Class

Overall Verdict

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