China Airlines Premium Business Class

Lean back. Legs up. Hot towels… sigh, what a good way to arrive in Taiwan. Dear China Airlines, I like to remind you that I love your new Boeing 777-300ERs.

Last year, I did a brief guideline comparison of this product w/ EVA Royal Laurel. Ever since then, I’ve been getting a lot of specific questions in how each carrier is especially China Airlines (since it’s generally more unknown & harder to book). Thus, I like to share more details in the whole experience for you from boarding to landing. Plus, we have a special guest this time 😉


Paul and his brother (Tony)




When traveling with a companion, I highly recommend booking the first row (a.k.a. 10D & 10G) on the plane if it’s available. As you can see below, it’s by far the best seat(s) due to the extra real estate in front of the cabin.


If available, book 10G & 10D


25% extra space in front of these business seats



I love it when there is a companion on board. From simple enjoyment of witnessing Paul & Tony take pictures… or seeing them play with their chair gadgets… to even hearing them chuckle & laugh…. every experience on the flight is exponentially more awesome than my previous ones alone!


hm. what pics you taking now bro



Thankfully, there’s a privacy divider between the seats in case you’re companion gets a little too… silly.


(no comment)




Of course, the flight includes unlimited set courses of appetizers, entrees, wine pairings, and dessert. Just like other First Class products, a hot towel is presented to you before each meal.



can I have a million more? 🙂


the ultimate feast



Throughout the night, you can order food as often as you want. Foodie tip: they have the BEST midnight minced pork rice snack. In fact, we ordered this twice! 


AMAZING dish. Must try.



After the zillion course lavish meal, the flight attendant hands me the new updated amenity kit. While it’s still no Rimowa like Eva’s, it’s significantly better than the pouch ones they had last year… kudos China Airlines!


hard-case updated amenity kit



While the flight attendant is doing your bed, now’s a great time to go to the restroom to freshen up & brush your teeth. Remember to also take advantage of their generous Italian Acca Kappa moisturizer amenities.



bathroom w/ Acca Kappa amenities
Zzz… good night



As I wake from my 5 hour nap sleep, I decided to have one more Eastern delicacy before landing – a traditional Taiwanese porridge breakfast.


Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast


What an awesome 13+ hr flight



In the end, you know when the product is exceptional when you start comparing this experience to your previous First Class flights. When that happens, it proves that this Business Class is truly top-notch.

Though EVA’s amenities still beats China Airline’s by a MILE, if your priority is ergonomic comfort and luxury, then China Airlines is the way to go for your Taiwan travels.

If you ever have the opportunity, indulge & spoil yourself with this airline. Fair warning though… I guarantee you’ll be back wanting more.


Meter - W Taipei3

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