The Lalu Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s most famous (and beautiful) lake located south of Taipei. From Taoyuan International Airport, it is about 2 hours and 20 minutes drive if you rent a car. Public transportation is an option too via bullet train/bus.




The Lalu is a 5-star luxury hotel that whisks you away from the buzzing capital of Taipei and transports you into Sun Moon Lake’s nature vibes offering you the best panoramic views of this alpine area.


There are no hotel partners that is affiliated with The Lalu. Nevertheless, if you have the Chase Reserve card, you can book the villas using Ultimate Rewards points via its portal for a 50% bonus upon redemption.


On average, the hotel costs around $500 USD per villa.


valet entrance
sky lobby



The lobby immediately rewards you with its prime real estate lake location. It’s truly breathtaking.


sky lobby view



After check-in, we were escorted into our suites. As we walked thru the hallway, there were even koi fishes swimming around in a pond!


most unique hallway I’ve ever seen in a hotel…



For this stay, our family booked a two bedroom villa + one bedroom villa for a family of 7. The rooms are huuuuuuge. Here’s the entrance into the living room for the two bedroom villa.



2 bedroom villa living room



On the left is the master suite.


master suite





And on the right is a door corridor into the second bedroom suite.




second bedroom



The two bedroom villa has a large terrace overlooking Sun Moon Lake. The view of the majestic mountains reminds me of our Six Sense Yao Noi island trip in Thailand.



terrace view



looks like a painting…



The one bedroom villa is essentially the mirror image of the two bedroom villa w/o its second suite. A unique feature of this corner villa though is its fireplace along one of its walls.


1 bedroom villa living room




The hotel offers numerous excursions such as boat rides along the lake.


boat excursion



Or my personal fav activity for a family… cycling around Sun Moon Lake!


bike trails along Sun Moon Lake




Overall, The Lalu is a great escape in leaving the busy city life. The hotel reminds you of how beautiful Taiwan countryside is and rewards you with this magical aura in its nature surroundings. Imagine waking up to this every morning… 


Wake up like this



Stay at least two nights here…


A must-do in Taiwan


Meter - W Taipei3

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