London Heathrow’s “Secret VIP” Personal Shopper Lounge

There are a buffet of (bad/good) options when it comes to airport lounges in London Heathrow especially when you’re in the OneWorld network. For instance, if you’re flying Business, First, and/or have Emerald status in the alliance, you can visit….


Qantas London Lounge




Cathay Pacific Business London Lounge





But today, let’s talk briefly about a potential “secret” third option





Yes, one of the special things you can do at this airport that you can’t do anywhere else in the world is the ability to book a personal shopper prior to your flight.


Originally we planned to arrive 3-4 hours prior for this, but was in London too long so we didn’t have a lot of time to try this service out. Nevertheless, our personal shopper still happily obliged to give us a brief tour in what it is like to do this experience.


For clarity, we were not paid for this article and did not receive any discounts…. just thought this was a cool thing to try out 😉 


main entrance | access can only be granted with a personal shopper key




We got greeted by our personal shopper after security and she escorted us through the crowded terminal into the entrance of the lounge.


personal shopper


As you can see, the airport is very very busy….


LHR busy as usual…




Upon entering, you escape the hustle and bustle of the terminal into this shopping sanctuary.


retail therapy haven




Instead of you walking to the boutique shops… you have the boutique shops walk to you right onto the lap of your sofa.


changing room lounge area



Based from our stylist, the people working here are not on commission — hence, there aren’t any pressure to buy anything.


Plus, the personal shopper team has security clearance in helping you transfer in between terminals. This is potentially a good way to see multiple boutique shops and access to other Business/First lounges in different terminals that you can’t normally visit since most LHR terminals are not connected airside.


Not for everyone… but pretty cool to know!




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