Tomorrowland’s Sofitel Brussels Global Journey Hotel Package

Festival season is flyiiiiing by this year.

  1. UMF in Miami was back in April.
  2. The star-studded Coachella has come and gone
  3. And the electric sky under the Las Vegas Motor Speedway just finished last weekend


With Tomorrowland – the finale of music festivals coming up – we figure it be fun to look back at our Belgium trip in giving you guys a brief overview in what it was like to book a hotel package from this festival.


sofitel le louise
5-star hotel in the heart of Belgium



Logistically, Tomorrowland was a difficult trip to plan. With our group being 10+ people traveling from the states, buying a hotel package from Tomorrowland was highly paramount in making the journey as seamless as possible.


More importantly, the hotel transformed its whole stay into a festive Tomorrowland theme for all guests.


front entrance


“Live Today, Love Tomorrow”




During check-in, some hotel staffs dressed up in Tomorrowland theme clothes, which made the experience quirky and fun.



festival attendees checking in



Even the welcome drink had the festival’s branding on it.


complimentary juices



The welcome package included:

  1. Invite to an exclusive “pre-party” event for hotel package guests
  2. Tomorrowland’s playing cards
  3. Travel diary
  4. Daily Tomorrowland’s news and lineup in a newspaper format
  5. Limited edition Tomorrowland hotel room key


welcome package



On the first night, all hotel package guests were invited to a pre-party venue to get acquainted with the people and the city.


hotel package attendees pre-party



I had an interesting roommate that was not Miki…





And was amazed that even the T.V. broadcasted live music and streams in our room.


Tomorrowland live stream




Similar to AMEX Platinum’s Coachella, there was a makeup service available to get you ready for the festival.


Where’s Paul… he doesn’t want extensions and eyeliners too?

Overall, we had a fantastic experience with our hotel package with Tomorrowland. Though it was priced at a premium at about 50%, it felt like a nice extension to our festival experience that made the logistics of planning this trip a lot easier and stress-free.


For international travelers, hotel packages are the way to go. Just don’t book their overpriced eco flight packages…. use miles for First Class instead 😉


Meter - St Regis SF

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