Hyatt Centric South Beach vs. The Confidante Miami

Welcome to March. The season of daylight savings. It’s finally time for longer days and warmer weather. Yes! Everyone is coming out of hibernation to celebrate spring break. Unfortunately, this means astronomical hotel prices in beach cities. (No!)

To illustrate, here are the current Miami hotel rates for two Hyatt brand hotels this weekend during Ultra Music Festival.


Hyatt Centric South Beach


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.43.00 PM
that’s an expensive spring break…


The Confidante Miami Beach


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.38.54 PM
a little “cheaper” than Hyatt Centric…



Luckily, loyalty programs prices (besides devaluations) don’t fluctuate, so if you have a bank of Hyatt points to spare, they still only cost 15,000 points/night.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.43.58 PM
whew, still only 15,000 / night



Just like Paul, I imagine most of you guys aren’t too familiar with Miami. So today, I’ll give you a brief comparison of these two mid-luxury hotels and share my personal opinions about the properties.




Though it’s only 1.9 miles apart, these two hotels are in very different style of location.


7 min drive w/o traffic (20+ mins during rush hr)



The Hyatt South Beach is steps away from the infamous South Beach party streets, so the area can be quite chaotic at times.


To paint you a picture, think Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious party movie scenes.


vin diesel
Vin Diesel, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t”



The Confidante Miami Beach on the other hand is situated along rows of luxury beachfront hotels. So while the scene can be quite noisy too, it tends to have more of a “chill & resort” feel to it.


grooving to the beats in the DJ poolside booth


So depending on your mood & tastes , see what location suits your scene / flavor.



Hotel Ambiance & Bedroom


Opened in 2015, the Hyatt Centric South Beach is quite a new hotel. Coming into the lobby on the 3rd floor, there’s a contemporary feel to it.


Hyatt Centric South Beach main lobby



For reference, here’s the top floor bedroom in Room 1010.





In contrast, The Confidante Miami Beach has a historical “art-deco” resort feel to the property. Previously a Thompson hotel, this place joined the Hyatt brand as part of its “Unbound Collection“.


The Confidante main lobby entrance



The room, albeit smaller, has a direct view of the ocean.


Bedroom w/ ocean view



It’s truly gorgeous. Imagine, waking up like this.


Welcome to Miami





There’s no competition here. No matter your bathroom style & tastes, Hyatt Centric wins.  




Rain Shower w/ marble walls


Drybar blow dryer



No matter how its furnished, The Confidante Miami bathrooms simply feels too dated.


Confidante bathroom





Spa Amenities


The Hyatt Centric is partnered with Exhale Spa, so all hotel guests have complimentary access. On Saturday mornings, members can also enjoy a yoga session on its rooftop deck (which Paul lazily did not take advantage of…) 


Exhale entrance / yoga
sauna / steam room / hot tub



Steps away from the beach, The Confidante Miami’s spa is…. the ATLANTIC OCEAN.


hotel room to beach in less than 3 minutes



All hotel guests gets resort service where staff serves you cocktails oceanside. Yep, umbrellas, towels, and cabanas are all provided too. For beach lovers, this is the best spa ever. 


best spa ever



Overall Verdict/Service


Both hotels provides good service for its guests. In both properties, hotel statuses were appreciatively recognized and everything was done courteously in a timely manner.


So which property wins? 


This may come as a surprise, but overall… we actually prefer The Confidante Miami. Though the infrastructure of the hotel is really old (which makes the bathroom and the bedrooms feel very retro & dated), the ocean’s proximity cannot be beaten.


Like real estate, it’s all about location, location, and location. 


Steps away from the sand, weekend DJs spinning poolside, and its daily cabana services, The Confidante Miami simply feels more like a Miami destination.


Again, that’s just my personal opinion 🙂


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