Coachella 2019 AMEX Platinum House

One of the things that makes American Express special compared to other premium cards (i.e. Chase Reserve & Citi Prestige) are the unique lifestyle benefits it provides for its clientele. During Coachella, AMEX generously hosted a mini-festival for its Centurion Black and Platinum members.



Last year, we attended its event at the Parker Palm Springs hotel, which was phenomenal – so when we got an invite once again for this year at the Avalon hotel, it was too hard to turn-down.





Once again, each card member can bring up to 3 guests.


AMEX entourage



Like a Centurion Lounge, everything at the venue is complimentary. They offer various dining options, open bar, and desserts to chill under the SoCal sun.


#nomnom lemon drop cocktail w/ kiwi watermelon dessert




Like Tomorrowland in Belgium, the vibes are extremely friendly. So don’t get socially distracted and forget to go to the right drink line.





The main festival stage features live DJ/performances with plenty of lounge areas to enjoy the bites and drinks.


festival stage


w/ good company



At the event, AMEX also provides complimentary festival makeups for everyone. Paul decides to channel his inner diva and opt to try the experience out.


That’s what traveling is all about! Trying new things 😉 


watch out, celebrities here with their artists crew



Coachella, we are ready





Overall, AMEX has successfully done it again in providing an intriguing lifestyle experience for its members. Even though last year’s event was a lot more star-studded grand/glitzy, this year still had the same quirky, but fun travel vibes that we thoroughly enjoyed.


It almost made me forget that the annual fee is raised from $450/yr to $595/yr…




Meter - JW Phuket

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