The Deck, Cathay Pacific’s Newest Hong Kong lounge

Cathay Pacific has been a nonstop king when it comes to their hub in HKG. In fact, whenever we fly to Hong Kong, we almost exclusively fly this airline, because there are so many lounges to choose from that offers something unique for its First and Business Class passengers.


Back in 2016, I briefly outlined some of the First Class lounges we frequent (I promise I’ll categorize & explain each lounge in more detail this year 😉 ). Since then, Cathay Pacific added a brand new lounge called “The Deck”.



Cathay Pacific’s newest lounge in Hong Kong



Not even a year old, this new lounge is located near Gate 16 in Terminal 1. So if your plane is departing near here, this is a fantastic option for you to lounge in before your flight.


There are plenty of signage that guides you here. And upon arrival, it’s a simple escalator up to the luxurious understated lounge.


escalator up to Level 7, North Concourse
big wall that spans the entire upper floor



With limited visitors and the outside space being so open & wide, the entrance corridor into the warmly-lit lounge consequently feels very quiet and private.


main entrance



Inside, there are numerous Cathay Pacific attendants checking you in. The space gives off a warm oriental vibe. I’m not sure if this is on purpose, but my nose also immediately detects a hint of lavender in the air. Like an eucalyptus towel in Equinox, it’s a refreshing scent and welcome for your senses.


check-in with a hint of lavender permeating in the air



As we walk into the main lounge, the seat orientation and design feels like an intimate living room.


cozy space



Being the carnivore that I am, I naturally gravitate towards the self service food selections first. On the upper shelves, there are healthy fruits and plates neatly stacked for taking. On the top shelves, there are dim sum bamboo steamer pots as decoration.


food spread



As you go around the corner, the space opens up to a noodle bar with cooks ready to serve fresh made-to-order Hong Kong dishes.


noodle bar


The types of noodles include:

  1. Dan Dan Noodle
  2. Wonton Noodle
  3. Assorted Vegetable Noodle with Tom Yum Soup 
  4. Noodle with Beef Brisket


On top of that, there are choices of:

  1. Steamed Pork and Cabbage Bao
  2. Beef Siu Mai
  3. Lotus Seed Paste Bun
  4. Vegetable Dumplings


my favorite part of the lounge



I love the presentation of the dishes. Makes the taste even more appealing.






After the meal, Paul decides to freshen up in the shower suite rooms. There are a total of eight suites available, so it’s hard to imagine ever needing to wait for one of the rooms.


shower suite


Tip: always ask for a pair of slippers before you enter the shower room. It’ll totally make you feel like you’re back at your hotel. They are available upon request. 



Like the products in its First Class amenity kits, this lounge features Aēsop shampoos, conditioners, lotions, & etc. inside the shower rooms.


toothbrush, facial moisturizers, shaving kits, slippers, hair comb, hair spray, make-up pads, cotton buds, etc.



While weary Paul pampers himself with rich moisturizers, I decide to take in some open air in the terrace, which offers panoramic views of the airport’s lounge, tarmac, and departure gates.



space & privacy



In fact, if you’re departing around here, you can even spot your plane approaching you in the near distance, which is an awesome feeling.


your plane view



Overall, “The Deck” at Cathay Pacific is a top-notch new Business Class lounge. Its intimate space, dining selections, Aēsop amenities, gorgeous plane views, and elegant design makes the passengers feel like they’re in a sanctuary at Hong Kong international airport.


For those that are transiting here, I highly recommend checking out this place and see it for yourself. From my experience, it almost feels like a First Class lounge.



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