Equinox Irvine

Today is a special bittersweet day. Equinox, an ultra-luxurious fitness center, has been a part of Miki & Paul’s everyday routine. Over the years, they have been going less and less due to their extensive travels & most notably — their laziness. Consequently, it is with deep regret and profound sadness that I, Chai Bear, decided to freeze their membership accounts.


Equinox entrance: valet area



Located off John Wayne Airport, this flagship Equinox is convenient for travel. Whether you’re departing or arriving, Equinox Irvine is perfect for people wanting to relax from their domestic travels in Orange County.



Rooftop view: John Wayne Airport (SNA)



This club has not one, not two, not three, not four, but five (yes FIVE) floors for your workout needs. The lobby entrance is located on the 2nd floor. Most of my bear-tastic workouts are done on the 3rd floor.



Secret to my killer bear-abs



Other areas include basketball courts, squash courts, crossfit area, weights/cardio area, yoga studio, dance studio, cycling/rowing rooms, and many more. They provide excellent maintenance in their equipments. The facilities are always spotlessly clean.



equinox rooms



Distinguished trainers would host their classes in their studios everyday. Miki’s personal favorite is Pure Barre. Warning gentlemen, the class gets packed with lululemon girls. From head to toe, all the ladies wear and breathe lulu. I guess weights somehow feel lighter when you wear nice gym clothes? I don’t know. I still prefer my Chai Bear hoodie.



equinox rooms2
Favorites: Pilates, Kick-boxing, Pure Barre, Dance Fusion



Membership services are quite generous with their guest passes. During the holidays, we would bring close friends and families here to enjoy all the health amenities. Once in awhile, Equinox would host special events for members to socialize at their clubs. A notable favorite was Valentine’s Acroyoga on the roof.



equinox roof



After your workout, you can reward yourself with Equinox’s high-end showers, eucalyptus steam room, and sauna. If that’s not enough, eucalyptus towels, mint mouthwash, shaving cream, and Kiehl’s shampoos / conditioners / body wash / lotions are also provided for every member.


All showers equipped w/ Kiehl’s products



Sadly, these services comes at a hefty price. At $170 / month per person (+initiation fees), you have to be quite motivated to come here. If laziness hits, the value of your membership goes significantly down. With my two apathetic humans, we are wasting over $4000 a year! Therefore, sponsoring Miki & Paul here is no longer an option.

All in all, is it worth it? With the proper passion and drive, it is definitely worth the benefits. Equinox is not just a gym, it is an experience. With the $$$$ and events, Equinox becomes an invaluable social network for business deals and friends.

You have been fun Equinox. We’ll see you at our next health-craze surge.

Now let’s go eat some french fries.


Meter - Equinox


  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to send this. Your blog is amazing! Thank you for the kind words as well as showing us this. Please stay in contact with us and have a great night!


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