China Airlines Flagship Dynasty Lounge

I love flagship lounges. In general, they tend to be more luxurious, spacious, and well designed relative to other lounge locations around the world. This pattern makes sense since it’s the airline’s “home territory”. It needs to make a bold statement and tell everyone, “Hey passengers, fly with us. We are bear-tastic“. 


Naturally in Taipei, China Airlines goes up close and personal with its home’s flagship lounge.


Taoyuan International Airport: China Airlines Dynasty Lounge (T1)



Dark, calm, and harmonious, the lounge is immediately inviting with its oriental style. It almost feels like I’m back on board with its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.


check-in / hallway



For Paragon & Emerald (frequent flier) members, there is another private entrance (right side of the hallway) for you to check-in.


lounge within a lounge


We quickly strike up conversation with the receptionist, chatting about travel, the Taiwan island, & out of curiosity, asked if there are any difference between here and the general lounge area.


She smiles friendly and replies, “Honestly, not too much. Only privacy.” 


buffet style food spread



After snacking on some hot foods, I decide to go out and roam around the Business Class area. The whole lounge is huge! 

With the same oriental touches, you feel like you’re in a Taiwanese cultural zen.


Business Class main area



There are some delicious food spread available. Of course, I opt for the traditional beef noodle soup & braised pork #nomnom!


customize your noodle orders



Food coma hits. Ughs… luckily there are sleeping rooms for a quick power nap.


nap room



Too bad I didn’t have much time. Heck, I didn’t even have time to shower! Before I knew, it’s time to head to our gate to board. Feeling refreshed, I bid adieu to Taiwan one last time…


until next time…



Overall, China Airlines Dynasty Lounge checks all the essential boxes for its premium cabin passengers. Aesthetically, it’s the perfect reflection of its airline and its food offerings are much better than most carrier’s lounges (especially in the states).

Emotionally though, it’s always bittersweet when I’m in this lounge, because I’m leaving Taiwan. Thus, my attitude is usually somber like Eeyore…


“leave me alone… I’m sad”


But like Winnie the Pooh, this lounge kinda cheers me up a little bit. It gives me a sprinkle of happiness before my flight out… because I know I’ll be back in Taiwan again. (soon)


Meter - Qantas

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