Let’s ring in the New Year… Taiwan!

It’s happening. It’s been five lonnng years since we crossed over the New Years in Taiwan! So much in life has changed over the years yet this destination remains a (bear-tastic) constant in our travel lives.


Considering its reputation as the party & culinary secret of Asia, it’s no wonder that there are so much influx of international travelers to cross over the New Years here. Now I’m no expert food blogger, but today I’m going to give you a short list of my favorite places to go whenever I’m here at this island destination.



春水堂 Boba / Bubble Tea


Taiwanese tapioca pearls are held at an insanely high standard here. You can almost go anywhere in the city and get a fantastic pearl milk tea. That being said, this one (in my opinion) is the best place to experience this staple drink.


Taiwanese tapioca (boba) milk tea



This place is located in 新光三越 (Shinkong Mitsukoshi) and its interior resembles a teahouse to give a Chinese element feel & experience. Most importantly, the teas and pearls here are top notch.



“candid” photo… totally not posed




Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast


Breakfast is a big deal in Taiwan. BIG DEAL. Like boba, there are hundreds of endless delicious vendors that get up every morning (typically around 5am) to cook you classic eats like this. It’s heavy (& awesome) and usually paired with a hot bowl of soymilk.


rice ball, fried dough, hot soybean milk



Another breakfast must is to visit the local bakery shops in the mornings. Follow your nose’s senses and walk into the store for some delicious bread! One of Paul’s favorites is a “Bolo Bao” 菠蘿包.



local bakery shop in Taiwan



FamilyMart / 7-Eleven


Like Japan, the standard of convenience stores is much higher compared to the states.


FamilyMart / 7-Eleven



For a mere couple bucks, you can get a quality meal. Heck, they even microwave and prepare it hot for you if needed.


heated bento from FamilyMart



A nostalgic snack is the famous Taiwanese pudding. Paul makes it an effort to get it regardless of how short his visit is in the city.


best pudding in the world



W Taipei


For New Years Eve, this place is a must if you can afford the splurge. Located in the prime location of Xinyi District, this luxe/posh hotel is just steps away from Taipei 101. Like Grand Hyatt Taipei, it’s the perfect vantage point to cross over the New Year.





It comes at a premium tag though. For instance, here’s the price of their “Fabulous Room” and “Corner Room” per night… and it’s a 2-night minimum.


w taipei nye
Thus, $2000+ USD for New Years stay(s) per room




It’s definitely worth the splurge though. To this day, we all still talk about our New Years memories.


wet deck

corner room
Corner Room




And if you want to spend a bank account, here’s the “Extreme Wow Suite” Paul toured years back. Hm, maybe they’ll finally upgrade us this time because we’re almost eleven years of being loyal Marriott/Starwood Platinum members? 😉


(sigh, one can only dream… 😦 ) 


extreme wow suite
Extreme Wow Suite





Taiwan also has a wealth of night markets/street vendors with amazing desserts. Here’s one at Shilin Night Market…


Shaved Snow Ice in Shilin Night Market


And another at Ximen district….


Japanese Matcha Red Bean Dessert at Ximen District



Family and Friends


Lastly, holidays are the best time to spend quality moments together with your family & friends.


family pic


mandarin oriental





Overall, we’re always utterly charmed by this festive island. Taiwan is always a destination that will forever be dear to us. For those that haven’t been, I urge you to come and find out for yourselves.




And most importantly…. for those that are joining us this New Year, we look forward to seeing all of you guys soon to start 2019 together. It’s going to be a good time 😉


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